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敏捷项目管理基础 PMI-ACP agile project management fundamentals

敏捷项目管理基础 PMI-ACP agile project management fundamentals

What you’ll learn

  • 获得参加 PMI-ACP 考试所需的 7 个课堂小时 (共需要 21 小时) Receive 7 contact hours (21 hours required) needed to take the PMI-ACP exam
  • 了解适应式敏捷与传统预测式项目管理之间的区别 Understand the differences between adaptive agile and traditional predictive project management
  • 学习流行的 Scrum 框架、看板和其他敏捷方法 Learn popular Scrum framework, Kanban and other agile methodologies
  • 了解如何应用敏捷为客户和组织提供价值 Learn how to apply agile to deliver values to customers and organization.


  • 不需要以前的敏捷项目管理经验。你会学到你需要知道的一切。 No previouse agile project management experience needed. You will learn everything that you need to know.





本课程不仅会教你敏捷的基础知识,帮助你培养适应性思维,还会分解最流行的敏捷框架和方法:如 Scrum、Lean, XP 和看板等,并配合讲员20多年的实际经验,深入浅出的讲解,让您轻松的学习,一步一步带领你走进敏捷管理的专业领域。

Dear students: We hope that by studying this course, you can learn how to use agile methodologies to help organizations respond to the ever-changing market competition at a faster speed and lower cost, especially for projects with higher uncertainties. You will be able to deliver high value deliverables early and make yourself a more valuable asset in a team as well.

In today’s business environment, we must learn to adjust in order to remain highly competitive. In recent years, agile management methodologies have increasingly demonstrated their values and advantages. Organizations have learned that if they can properly apply the adaptable and rolling wave project management methods of agile project management, they can improve their competitiveness in the competitive market. The can stay competitive without being out of business

Many companies fail to grasp the basic concepts, principles and values ​​of agile when they apply agile methodologies to manage projects; some companies use agile methods in part without fully integrating the essence of agile management.

This course will not only teach you the basics of agile, help you develop adaptive thinking, but also show you how to apply the most popular agile frameworks and methods: such as Scrum, Lean, XP and Kanban, etc., and incorporate with the lecturers’ more than 20 years of practical experience to explain complex knowledge in a simple way The explanations will allow you to learn easily and lead you step by step into the professional field of agile management.

Who this course is for:

  • 任何想要使用敏捷方法来管理高度不确定的项目并在整个项目生命周期内为客户提供高价值的人。Anyone who wants to use agile methodologies to manage highly uncertain projects and deliver high values to customers thouugh out the project life cycles.
敏捷项目管理基础 PMI-ACP agile project management fundamentals
敏捷 Agile
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