10 Changes to accounting Industry & CFO Trends 2022 Beyond

10 Changes to accounting Industry & CFO Trends 2022 Beyond

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the ongoing and upcoming changes to accounting industry and role of accountants.
  • Technology and process disruptions
  • How to embrace the changes and strengthen your position
  • Key Priorities in front of CFOs to focus in coming years
  • Best Practices around to tackle such priorities


  • No prior knowledge, understanding of accounting would be helpful


Technology and Innovations in Business models has disrupted so many industries in recent years. Taxi service, travel, banking and shopping have been radically transformed by technology and innovation. These industries have been turned upside down and reshaped in just a few years.

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The same is true for the accounting industry. Accounting is no longer a person at a desk opening mail and processing invoices. A majority of invoices are sent electronically, and many are automatically paid through a processing system. The merger of technology and accounting is becoming greater and greater everyday, and business leaders need to stay ahead of this change. They need to understand that technology is quickly changing the way accounting functions within an organization.

The role of the CFO has changed drastically over the past decade. Today’s financial leaders’ remit has broadened, and their profiles have evolved from “number crunchers” into multi-tasking strategic stewards of the CEO’s vision, who simultaneously steer profitability and productivity.

Business environments are getting more competitive, and companies are upping their technology and management abilities in order to perform more efficiently.

Join me in this Course to understand What key role CFOs can and would be playing in years to come to help company steer in such competitive environments.

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Who this course is for:

  • finance professionals
  • accounting professionals
  • CFOs
  • Accounting Managers
  • accountants
10 Changes to accounting Industry & CFO Trends 2022 Beyond
How will accounting change in 2022 and beyond and latest trends countered by CFOs in 2022 and beyond
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