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1Z0-1093-22 Oracle Cloud Database Services Specialist

1Z0-1093-22 Oracle Cloud Database Services Specialist


1Z0-1093-21 Oracle Cloud Database Services Specialist

  • Administer Database Cloud Service on Bare Metal and Virtual Machine DB Systems
  • Administer Exadata Cloud Service
  • Administer Exadata [email protected]
  • Administer MySQL Database Service
  • Administer NoSQL Database Service
  • Administer External Database Service

What is Oracle Database Cloud Service? … The service provides built-in automation for common database lifecycle management tasks such as patching, backup/recovery, and enabling Oracle Data Guard, all of which can be performed using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console or REST APIs.

Is an Oracle certification worth it?

Most of the time, an Oracle certification is associated with salary increase and bonuses. … Such benefits that result to higher job satisfaction, improved job performance, and increased work productivity make Oracle certifications worth it.

Which versions of Oracle Database are available in the cloud?

Currently, Oracle Database Cloud Service supports Oracle Database versions 11.2. 0.4, 12.1. 0.2, 12.2. 0.1, 18c, 19c, and 21c.

What is database cloud service?

A cloud database is a database service built and accessed through a cloud platform. It serves many of the same functions as a traditional database with the added flexibility of cloud computing. Users install software on a cloud infrastructure to implement the database.

What is the service name of Oracle database?

Oracle SID is the unique name that uniquely identifies your instance/database, whereas the Service name is the TNS alias that you give when you remotely connect to your database, and this Service name is recorded in tnsnames.

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  • DBA
1Z0-1093-22 Oracle Cloud Database Services Specialist
1Z0-1093-21 Oracle Cloud Database Services Specialist Practice Questions
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