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200+ Questions – Job Interview – JavaScript Developer

200+ Questions – Job Interview – JavaScript Developer


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Are you going to your interview for the position of Junior JavaScript Developer soon? Take up the challenge and prepare yourself thanks to a well-matched set of questions.

An interview is an inseparable element of every programmer looking for a job, to prepare the best and perform well in such an interview, go through over 200 popular questions that appear during job interviews on various topics. After completing all theoretical and practical tests, you will receive your result after each, showing you at what level you are prepared for such an interview and you will be able to thoroughly analyze the questions.

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What is the result of the practice test?

The pass rate for each practical test is 75%.

Are the questions multiple choice?

In order to reflect the form of the interview as much as possible and to raise the difficulty level, the questions are single-choice and multiple-choice.

Can I take the practice test more than once?

You can take each practical test multiple times. After completing the practice test, your final result will be published. Each time you take the test, the order of questions and answers is randomized.

Do I have a time limit for practice tests?

Each test has a time limit.

Take the challenge today!

Who this course is for:

  • For people who are getting ready for their interview for the position of JavaScript Developer and want to do well
200+ Questions - Job Interview - JavaScript Developer
Prepare for an interview for the position of JavaScript Developer!
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