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Academic Writing Essentials: Solving Assignments

Academic Writing Essentials: Solving Assignments

What you’ll learn

  • Research Effective Resources For Your Paper or Assignment
  • Check Levels of Plagarism
  • How to Do Referencing(Easier Methods to do it)
  • Solving an Assignment Live in Order to Gain Thorough Understanding


  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Google Docs or Microsoft Word, Any Word Typing Software


Writing Productive A+ Papers are essential in any academic field

Whether you are solving a marketing, supply chain or any university based assignment, you can effectively and more accurately solve those assignments in the future and gain A+ grades for your assignments as well

I have solved over 15 assignments and have got 5 star ratings on Fiverr for this work as well. Conducting research and writing literature review will not be difficult after taking this course.

So what things are covered in this course

  • Finding Research Papers For Your Assignment
  • Literature Review Writing
  • Citations
  • Referencing Methods(Easier Methods For Referencing)
  • How to Read Research Papers and Find Most Important Information
  • Live Assignment For Understanding The Concepts Thoroughly
  • Plagiarism Checking(Free as well as Paid)

In this beautiful course, you will learn how to solve assignments, easier referencing methods, where to research information for your assignments in a concise format that will help you to score that next A+ grade

You should understand that this is not a grammar course, all aspects of this course can be applied to any assignment that is being solved in your field of studies, so this course will mostly benefit you and make your college or university experience smoother so you can enjoy life more meanwhile

Any questions are entertained and most welcomed. I am here to help

Who this course is for:

  • University Students
  • College Students
  • PHDs
  • Interested People in Academic Paper Publishing
  • Interested People in Learning to Write Research Based Articles or Papers
  • Interested People who want to write Articles, Blogs or Incorporate Information on their Website
Academic Writing Essentials: Solving Assignments
Gaining Insights How to Solve Assignments Easily
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