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Adaptive Sourcing: Agile Procurement in Practice

Adaptive Sourcing: Agile Procurement in Practice

What you’ll learn

  • Study and practice true Agile procurement principles (speed, flexibility, multiple choice scenarios)
  • Understand transformational trends of the Industry 4.0
  • Explain the notion of the Operating Model
  • Review the Bimodal operating model and its realization for IT and Procurement
  • Study three ground theories (PST Model, Buygrid Framework, Pace Layer Model)
  • Synthesize earlier theories into the Adaptive Sourcing Concept
  • Understand the complexity of innovation procurement and possible solutions to source Systems of Innovation.
  • Review the Hybrid Sourcing Strategy for IT as a practical application of the Adaptive Sourcing


  • Basic understanding of IT and Procurement, operating models, and transformation trends


This course unites two worlds – IT and Procurement. Both functions are now going through significant business and technological transformation to comply with Industry 4.0 mandate.

Our course is very practical – It is half exercises, case studies, and best practices to apply straight after learning.

Instead of talking about Agile procurement, we’ll suggest actionable advice for its realization synthesized from classical theories and intuitive concepts.

In 2022, the standardized “unisex” governance is a repelling anachronism, which does so much more damage to the company and its suppliers than any competitors.

We need to apply flexible business processes depending on the situation selectively.

A bimodal operating model precisely allows that. Therefore, it attracted IT and strategic sourcing professionals, creating “bimodal IT” and “bimodal procurement.”

This course will explain the origins of the bimodal operating model, its bright sides, and its deficiencies.

We’ll present Adaptive Sourcing as the synthesis of different concepts, which leverages the bimodal procurement process but goes well beyond its remits. Essentially, it is the practical realization of Agile procurement.

We’ll also propose a custom sourcing strategy for IT goods and services that puts our theoretical definitions into the negotiation practice.

Indeed, Adaptive Sourcing is one of the implementations of Agile Procurement 4.0 – flexible, variable, and streamlined. It brings additional cost savings, stakeholder satisfaction, and business process optimization.

Strategic procurement and sourcing managers and IT experts may start practicing it immediately!

Who this course is for:

  • IT and Procurement officers, managers, and executives aiming to practice the Agile procurement
  • Proponets of flexible governance, value creation, and Agile methodology.
Adaptive Sourcing: Agile Procurement in Practice
Agile Procurement for IT and non-IT categories with classic theories, multiple excercises, and two bespoke models.
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