All in One Practice Test for Programming Fundamentals

All in One Practice Test for Programming Fundamentals

All in One Practice Test for Programming Fundamentals Description

If you are looking for the best solution to check your fundamentals, then you came to the right place.

This All in one Complete Practice Test includes questions from different topics like

Basic Programming

• Software Development Life Cycle, • Program Design • Program Quality • Pseudocode • Flowcharts • Software Testing,• Integrated development environment (IDE) • Version Control • Input and Output

Data and Operators

• Constants and Variables • Identifiers • Data Types • Order of Operations • Assignment Operators • Arithmetic Operators • Unary Operations • Lvalue and Rvalue • Data Type Conversions • Input-Process-Output Model


• Modular Programming • Hierarchy or Structure Chart• Parameters and Arguments • Call by Value vs. Call by Reference • Return Statement • Void Data Type • Scope • Programming Style • Standard Libraries


• Structured Programming • Selection Control Structures • If Then Else • Code Blocks • Relational Operators • Assignment vs. Equality • Logical Operators • Nested If Then Else • Case Control Structure


• Iteration Control Structures • While Loop • Do While Loop • Flag Concept • For Loop • Branching Statements • Increment and Decrement Operators • Integer Overflow • Nested For Loops


• Arrays and Lists • Index Notation • Displaying Array Members • Arrays and Functions • Math Statistics with Arrays • Searching Arrays • Sorting Arrays • Parallel Arrays • Multidimensional Arrays • Fixed and Dynamic Arrays

Strings and Files

• Strings • String Functions • String Formatting • File Input and Output • Loading an Array from a File


Object-Oriented Programming

• Objects • Classes • Encapsulation • Inheritance • Polymorphism • Abstraction • Overloading • Exception Handling • Interface

Who this course is for:

  • Students preparing for an IT entry-level exam
  • Anyone who wants to brush up their knowledge in programming fundamentals and object-oriented concepts.
  • Anyone who wants to clear their concepts by the relevant explanations given in this course.
  • Anyone looking for some IT job technical interview questions
All in One Practice Test for Programming Fundamentals
Ultimate way to check knowledge in fundamentals (basics) of programming - Consists of 240 questions
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