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Best Tips To Easily Remember Chinese Characters

Best Tips To Easily Remember Chinese Characters

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to read and recognize several Chinese characters
  • How to make and build connections between Chinese characters
  • How to memorize Chinese characters in a fun and entertaining way


  • This course has no specific prerequisites. With or Without some Chinese background, the course aims to help you build knowledge on hundreds of characters


Just as a mountain climber needs to equip himself with the correct tools to make his climb easier, this course aims to provide you with a clear path to learning Chinese characters.

It is not easy to learn everything about Chinese. The tones, the characters,  and pronunciation are always a challenge to get the hang of in a day. This course saves you much labor by introducing and focusing on a fun and entertaining way to learn Chinese characters and awesome tips to remember Mandarin Chinese characters. One mistake many Chinese learners make is trying to learn everything at once. From experience however, a progressive approach reaps more benefits and prevents the frustration that can develop when tackling the tones, reading, and writing all at once.

Accordingly, this course follows a progressive approach to learning characters. As each new character is introduced, a mnemonic will be included to help you remember it. The character will then be combined with other characters to form high-frequency vocabulary words and useful phrases.

As you “climb” higher and higher using this method, you will notice that recognizing a written or spoken phrase will become relatively easier. As you build your word bank, your reading and listening skills will grow.  Have fun learning Chinese characters by breaking, building and merging them with other components forming memorable characters you cannot afford to forget. This method starts at the core of your language journey by not focusing on all the nitty-gritties but rather one core theme: Characters.

Who this course is for:

  • If you never studied Chinese before, this course will help you start on that path
  • If you are a Chinese Language student interested in getting the hang of characters
  • Chinese language tutors may also find the course an effective way to help students master characters
  • Language enthusiasts and Linguists will also find the method employed in the course engaging and progressive
Best Tips To Easily Remember Chinese Characters
Learn Chinese Characters Beginner Course (Bootcamp One)
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