Blockchain Development: Convert An App To A Dapp (2021)

Blockchain Development: Convert An App To A Dapp (2021)

What you’ll learn

  • Build decentralized blockchain application with Ethereum & Solidity
  • Become blockchain developers
  • Build standard MERN stack application
  • Build server side application with Node JS
  • Build front end application with React JS
  • Learn how API works
  • Be ready for real life development challenges
  • Be able to use cutting edge tools and programming techniques


  • Basic Understanding Of JavaScript
  • Basic Understanding Of HTML / CSS
  • Working Laptop
  • Internet connection


Want to built your own blockchain application?
No worries! This course has got you covered!

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Blockchain is the talk of the town, every major company out there are getting into blockchain and there is a lack of blockchain developers! This could be “YOUR” opportunity!

There are not many resources out there for learning Solidity and pretty much nothing that converts standard app to a decentralized one and that’s what most companies are looking for.

The purpose of this course is to give you hands on experience in building a centralized and a decentralized app. Basically the best of both worlds from scratch!

I spend a lot of time making sure on providing the easiest possible way to teach everyone how easy it is to get started and made sure that this is the best information you can get.

Want to know about Ethereum? Want to know how Solidity, the language, in which Ethereum smart contracts run? Want to know what is a smart contract?
The answer is in this course!

All the materials here are also perfect for applying for a new job!

Things you need to know?

Basic of Javascript, HTML, CSS will be enough to follow along this course.
Remember that if your in a mac we will be using the terminal a lot so familiarising yourself with it would be great! And for Windows users the process is the same but you should definitely google the commands if you don’t know any.

You will get stuck!

But thats why I am always going to be here replying to all the questions!

There is no better time to learn Solidity

Blockchain Developers are the most wanted developers at the moment so don’t miss this chance.

What you will be learning!

  1. Ethereum
  2. Solidity
  3. Web3.JS
  4. Metamask
  5. Node.Js
  6. Npm
  7. Async/Await
  8. MYSQL
  9. Express
  10. React JS
  11. GIT
  12. GITHUB
  13. Rest API Design
  14. AXIOS
  15. Postman
  16. CDN
  17. Remix
  18. Debugging
  19. Many more tools

Goal Of The Course

Getting you ready as a blockchain developer, and convert regular centralized applications to decentralized ones.

So why wait?! Grab the course now!

Except for the UI View of the websites shown in the course, everything else is the same, so please don’t worry about the UI change, and I am always there for supporting you throughout your blockchain journey!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone willing to learn Ethereum & Solidity
  • Programmers who are interested to make blockchain applications
  • Programmers who are interested in changing standard application to decentralized application
  • Anyone willing to learn NodeJs, React, MySQL
Blockchain Development: Convert An App To A Dapp (2021)
Learn How To Make A Decentralized Blockchain App Using Ethereum & Solidity From A Centralized MERN App
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