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Branding Bootcamp : Craft a Brand Identity & Brand Strategy

Branding Bootcamp : Craft a Brand Identity & Brand Strategy

What you’ll learn

  • How to do branding strategy
  • How to make sales with branding
  • Earning your customer’s trust with branding
  • Structure to a good branding strategy


  • You must have an open mind to learning new skills


Why Learn Advertisement & Branding

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Within a few seconds, most people have decided whether or not they want to support your business.

You’ve got something great to sell to offer and you want to get the attention of everyone who needs it. But customers just don’t seem to get it. Why?

Most people approach branding and advertisement with an artistic approach instead of a calculated approach, resulting in very unpredictable results. There has to be a more efficient way to approach it right?

Most marketing efforts lack a qualitative and quantitative approach.

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Fortunately, their shortcoming is an opportunity for you to stand out amongst the crowd.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I’ve learned the best results come from a calculated approach to branding and advertising.

These are the first 2 things that people see when they come across your brand. That’s why first impressions are important.

There are millions of potential customers on Instagram, TikTok, Netflix, you name it, who are potentially interested in what you have to offer.

Your advertisement or branding is typically the first impression someone has on what you have to offer. If it speaks to your audience in a way that resonates with them then they are more willing to trust what you have to offer.

To fully make the most of your opportunity I want to…


Good branding makes for good advertisements. Learn how to do branding so that the advertisements you put out make the most impact, whether that is to make more sales, creating a lasting brand image, or to get an emotional reaction.

We’re going to learn how to craft and define your branding. This course will teach you the fundamentals to crafting a professional brand image whether you’re a small, medium sized business or if you’re already an established company.

You will learn the foundations to build a brand image so that your company stands out.

This course will teach:

-Defining your WHO & WHY

-Examining your audience

-Brand Strategy

-Advertising Psychology

-Marketing Theory

Learn all the fundamentals to branding in this bootcamp!

(Worksheets inside. )

Who this course is for:

  • Advertisement professionals looking to improve their ads
  • Business owners wanting to do better marketing
  • Sales professionals looking to increase revenue
  • Entrepreneurs who want their businesses to look good
Branding Bootcamp : Craft a Brand Identity & Brand Strategy
Comprehensive course on branding + advertisement.
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