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Broad Scope Bug Bounties From Scratch

Broad Scope Bug Bounties From Scratch

What you’ll learn

  • Bug bounty hunting on a broad scope target
  • What to do after recon
  • Working with a VPS
  • Automating your workflow


  • Beginner unix knowledge
  • Beginner knowledge of web concepts such as GET, POST , PUT , …. methods


Who am i?

Learn to Develop Innovative Solutions for any Problem with Design Thinking courses for as low as $11.99 only.

I am The XSS Rat, also known as Wesley. I created infosec tutorials and courses in a unique way. It’s my opinion that a teacher should be able to bring knowledge in an inspirational way but also make sure that knowledge is retained. This is a very unique challenge requiring out of the box thinking. My courses never just consist of a video or video + PDF only format. Courses should be interactive and not just boring reads of powerpoint slides.

Who is this course for?

Are you tired of seeing all these bug bounty methodologies that stop after the recon phase or give some general advice like look for vulnerable software on exploit-db? I am sick of it as well and in this course i guide a bug bounty hunter to a broad scope bug bounty hunter with a serious tool belt.

This course is made for hackers and developers who have the ultimate goal of automating their workflow.

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– A video and PDF covering every topic required in broad scope bug bounties

– 2 learning paths to facilitate all types of hackers. You can go one way and come back to the other later on

– A list of extras such as a list of tools and a better way to perform directory brute forcing

Who this course is for:

  • Bounty hunters that don’t know what to do after recon
  • Bounty hunters that want to explore broad scope targets
  • Developers automating their security testing
  • Anyone with an interest in broad scope targets
Broad Scope Bug Bounties From Scratch
Finally learn what to do after recon
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