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Frank Anemaet

Redis Database Tutorial

What you'll learn How to install Redis How to configure Redis How to use the Redis database How to use the ...

100% Off Redis Database Tutorial

File Processing with Python

What you'll learn How to use Python to access data stored in a variety of common formats. How to read and write comma-separated ...

100% Off File Processing with Python

Linux Terminal for beginners

What you'll learn Use the Linux Command Line Control the Linux File System Manipulate Data from the Shell ...

100% Off Linux Terminal for beginners

Intro to Django Python Web Apps

What you'll learn Django Introduction How to manage URLs How to use static files How to Build Static Web Sites ...

100% Off Intro to Django Python Web Apps

C# for Beginners

What you'll learn Create Windows programs with C# Create graphical and console apps Use Visual Studio Use ...

100% Off C# for Beginners
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