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Change Management: Make the Change!

Change Management: Make the Change!

What you’ll learn

  • Professional Change Management step by step including requirements, stakeholder maps and communication plans, visions, milestones and roadmaps for execution
  • Understanding the way people react to changes and involving them
  • Applying tools to successfully realize change projects
  • We’ll take a trip around the world in 80 days and to Lego as examples for Change Management


  • there are no prerequisites for this course


We all live in times of constant change –  personally and professionally. That’s not a bad thing but not everyone is always ready to change.

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Having worked in many engineering projects and having lived in various countries, I have lots of first hand experience managing personal and professional change projects. I created this training because it would have helped me a lot and spared me some mistakes (believe me!) if I had had a hands on training for change management when I started.

In this course, you will learn a structured approach to change processes, an approach that will be useful wether you are a (future) change manager, a project manager, a group leader or just generally interested in change management. I will show you how to drive change and engage people to go along with the change project. You’ll learn about your role in the process and you’ll be able to understand why people behave the way they do when they are confronted with change. At the end of the course you will

– have a roadmap for the necessary steps to manage change projects successfully

– have the tools you need

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– have created a stakeholder map, a communication plan, a vision, goals and a lot more

– know 3 important change management models

– have a broad understanding of Change Management

How am I going to teach you? I have always learned best with the help of stories and examples and this is how I moderate my trainings- be it online or face to face. So get ready for a trip to Lego and Around the World in 80 days – because both have lots to do with Change Management.

Who this course is for:

  • (Future) Change Managers who want to learn a structured approach to the change process
  • Project Managers wishing to enhance project success with the help professional Change Management
  • Leaders and Managers curious to understand the importance of their role in the Change Management Process
  • Anyone confronted with changes in their professional and personal life and generally interested in Change Management
Change Management: Make the Change!
Follow me around the world in 80 days in this step by step guide to a professional change management approach
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