Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Masterclass

Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Masterclass

What you’ll learn

  • Google Certified Educator Level 1 Skills and Exam
  • Google Certified Educator Level 2 Skills and Exam
  • Google Search Basic and Advanced in Order to Search for Best Result
  • Complete Gmail Management – Become Master at Gmail
  • Email Best Practice Management to Have a Clean Email System to Increase Productivity
  • Google Drive Full Guide to Use Properfly and Take Advantages of Google Drive
  • Google Docs Complete Trainings to Use Documents Better and Effectively (+Projects are included)
  • Google Slide to Become Master at Slide Creating and Itself Slide (+Projects are included)
  • Give Great Presentation using Google Slide
  • Slides Tips and Tricks in Order to Create Stunning Slides to Bring New Experience for Audience
  • Google Sheets Basic and Advanced Guide to Make Great Spread Sheets Using Formula and Project (+projects Are Included)
  • Google Forum to Collect Information and Make Amazing Quizzes
  • Complete Google Classroom Trainings to Make Sure You Make New Experience with Students
  • Learn Google Drawings to Edit Your Photos and Drawing Like a Pro
  • Google Jamboard to Use Instead of Other Boring Whiteboard and Make Everything Go On
  • Google Meet – Create Amazing Meeting Using Google Meet and Schedule for Meeting!
  • Google Calendar to Make Every Meeting Go Great and Live
  • Understand Google Chrome to Browse Professionally
  • Understand the Extensions You Need for Your Classroom and Google Chrome
  • Learn to Create Amazing Website Instantly Using Google Site Using Template or Just Creat from None
  • Google Hangouts to Make Video or Audio Clas Anytime
  • Learn You Tube for Your Classroom Online to Share Your Videos Professionally
  • Google Duo to Make Free HH Video Class Complete Guide
  • Learn to Make You Blog Run for Free Using Google Blogger
  • Google Chat to Make Chat Environment and Go More Safer
  • Google Groups to Make Email Based Group to Send with Just One Click
  • Complete Google Keep Guide to make every note count
  • Google Contacts to Create Your Contact List as Single or Group in Order to Contact Instantly
  • Google Earth to explore the world in Education and Personal Use
  • Science Journel to Use the Google Tools to Experiment
  • Google Help to Make Sure You Understand Everything and Get Support from Google
  • Complete Guide on How to Pass the Google Certified Educator Level 1
  • Complete Guide on How to Pass the Google Certified Educator Level 2
  • Complete Guide of Google Scholar for Articles and Case Laws
  • Google Alerts – Manage Your Favorite Content on Your Email and Receive at Anytime
  • Google Maps for Understanding the World
  • Webassessor to Enter to The Exam


  • A Laptop or Tablet or Phone
  • A Willingness to Bring New Experience Using Google Apps for Personal Use or Education


2 COURSES IN ONE: Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1 Masterclass, Complete Google Certified Educator Level 2 MasterclassGoogle Certified Educator Level 1 Training – Google Certified Educator Level 2 Training – Mastering Google Classroom – G Suite – Teaching Online – Google Drive

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Recent Updates:

  • Extra Bonus on Security – Security Is Everything! (Section 13)
  • Google Scholar For Researching Articles and Case Laws (Section 29)
  • Google Alerts to Receive New Content Daily or Weekly (Section 30)
  • Google Maps to Understand the World and Browse the World (Section 31)
  • Webassessor Skills to Pass and Register for The Exam (Section 34)
  • Link to My Certifications Is Added on First Section
  • Added 3 Videos Guide for New Google Classroom Update 1. Environment 2. Invite by Url 3. Return Once All with 1 Click

Demonstrate your mastery of Google tools in your classroom with the Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Exam today – learn to make new experiences with your student and bring new excitement to learning experience everywhere you go – learn to lead everything professionally and completely.

Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2 (GCE L1 and L2) is a course designed and managed professionally and completely for personal use and getting certified by Google in Education as part of teaching and student learning. Our focus is to make every content go complete and teach you completely so you never miss any chance of certifications. In this course, we covered everything you need for your personal use and educational purposes.

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I am myself Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 and I know how to do the right thing to get certified easily and more fun. I am living where we don’t have full security and electricity but I did my best to master every Google Tools for teaching class and online. So let’s get certified no matter what!

You might say well I am not an educator I want to use for personal use like Microsoft Office. Well, this course fits you too. We are focusing to help you learn any concept to understand Google Tools for your productivity and efficiency.

And TJ Walker will help you to make a great slide presentation! TJ will go through each and help you. As a teacher, our job is a presentation so we should learn how to do it properly and with a higher win. Don’t worry if you worry about how you look, we explain in every way through speaking to makeup. Join us now!

Here is what our students say about us:

★★★★★ “Very interesting Informations, actual Data and near on practise and business. Thank you!” André Bollacke

★★★★★ “Its been awesome taking this course i always though i know about google products but am knowing now” John Elisha Bahago

★★★★★ “Great start. Loved the whole presentations on Docs and Slides.” Eddie Mallon

★★★★★ “Initial information is very basic and straightforward, this is excellent to ensure that all the foundational information has been covered.” EF Jackson

By taking this Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2 Masterclass you will be able to:

  • Full understanding of Google Certified Educator Level 1 Tools and Exam
  • Save Time Communicating with Others with Gmail, Hangouts, Duo, Classroom, and Groups
  • Find out Best Result While Searching in Google Search
  • Manage Google Search Advanced Settings to Search Deeply and Safely
  • Send Email One-One or To a Whole Group with Just One Click
  • Manage Your Email Inbox More Easily and Productively
  • Improve your Google Account Security and Privacy
  • Understand and Manage Gmail Account Settings to Make the Best Configuration
  • Learn to Keep Everything Safe and Easily in Google Drive
  • Backup Professionally Your PC Content to Your Google Drive
  • Work with Google Docs Tools and Menu to Make Every Document Look Professionally and Nice
  • Build Projects in Google Docs to Learn It Deeply for Personal Use And GCEL1&2
  • Make Every Slide Count and Catch the Audience Using Google Slides
  • Design Slides with Me and TJ Within Projects
  • Give a Great Presentation Using Google Slides
  • Work with Google Sheets Tools and Menu to Make Every Document Look Professionally and Nice
  • Build Projects in Google Sheets to Learn It Deeply for Personal Use And GCEL1
  • Create Interactive Form to Get Information About Visiter
  • Learn to Create Quizzes in Google Forums
  • Add Google App Add-Ons to Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Much More
  • Learn to Create Your Google Classroom, Configure It, Create Assignment and See the Improvements Chart
  • Edit and Create Photos in Google Drawings Easily and Instantly
  • Write Everything Professionally in Google Jamboard Using Intelligent Board
  • Create Amazing Meeting for Your Class or Personal Use Using Google Meet
  • Lead Meeting Run Effectively to Make Every Second of Meeting Count
  • Schedule Meeting Professionally Using Google Calendar
  • Browse the Web Professionally in Google Chrome Using Its Extension You Need for Education
  • Create your website in under 2 minutes in Google Site
  • Make Free Hd Video Calls and Audio Calls or Messaging Group in Google Hangouts or Google Duo
  • Learn to Create and Manage Your YouTube Channel Instantly and Start Uploading
  • Make a Blog for Yourself and Start Posting
  • Build Email-Based Group to Send Them Message Anytime and Using as Google Educator Certified
  • Note Everything to Go and Get Everything Done in Google Note and Google Task
  • Create Your Contact List or Group List to Contact Them Easily
  • Have the World in Your Hand and Explore It without Any Fear in Google Earth
  • Search articles and case law using Google Scholar
  • Get alerts by Google Alerts
  • Understand Maps view by Google maps
  • Registration of exam using Web Assessor and managing your certification
  • Get Support Using Google Instantly Anytime Anywhere
  • Prepare Completely for The Exam

So don’t hesitate anymore,

Join us now in The Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Masterclass

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Wishing to Use Google Apps for Personal Use or Education
  • Anyone Who Wants to Migrate from Microsoft Office to Google Office Apps
  • Educators
  • Teachers / Future Teachers
  • Parents
  • Coaches
  • Paraprofessionals
  • School Administrators
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Child Study Team Personnel
Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Masterclass
Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Training - Mastering Google Classroom - G Suite - Teaching Online - Google Drive
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