Contemporary Approach to Astrology – Certification

Contemporary Approach to Astrology – Certification

What you’ll learn

  • Contemporary Approach to Astrology – A Neo Approach to Astrology using both Astrological Systems
  • Ongoing Support Online with Maniyan via Messages – NEW!
  • No Experience Required – But this is an Advance Course that includes Basics for Beginners – I highly Recommend Asking Questions & Doing the Graded Assignments
  • For the Beginners – I recommend jumping right into the deep meanings of houses and planets and start practicing reading charts
  • Astrologer’s Oath
  • Current-2022 Transits in both Zodiac Systems *NEW*
  • Ukraine Invasion 2022 *NEW*
  • Astrology & Politics – Understanding the Rise & Fall of Political Figures
  • Financial Astrology – US Stockmarket Airbnb & Cannabis IPO Examples
  • Financial Astrology – NYSE Natal Chart & Black Mondays: 1929, 1987, 2015 & 2020
  • Financial Astrology – US Stockmarket Commodities Examples: Cotton IPO since 1870 with transits through 2025
  • Financial Astrology GBTC (2 charts) – Greyscale Bitcoin Trust Fund 2015-2022
  • USA’s Natal Charts, Transits with Eclipses, Progressed Chart & Solar Arc 2021-2025
  • Astro-cartography – With Examples
  • Britney Spears Astro-Cartography – BONUS!
  • Deep Meanings of each House
  • Deep Meaning of each Planet
  • Critical Degrees & Theories
  • Exalted & Debilitated Planets in Different Signs
  • The Art of Predicting – Detailed Steps to Follow
  • Types of Astrological Systems I Teach in this Course
  • Understanding Numerology Life Paths – I am a life path 1
  • Understanding Chinese Astrology & Elements – I am a Dog/Water
  • Understanding Progressed Charts & Examples
  • Wealth Producing Nakshatras – Sidereal
  • Sidereal & Divisional Charts Meanings
  • Financial Astrology US Stockmarket – Southwestern Airlines
  • Political Astrology – Andrew Yang
  • Political Astrology – Kamala Harris
  • Political Astrology – Donald Trump (Does not reflect my strong political views or my Pluto in Libra)
  • Maturity Age of Planets – Sidereal, Also Applies to Western
  • Vimshottari Dasha – Mahadasha – Antardashas in Sidereal Astrology
  • Learning & Practice Assignments to Ensure Your Level of Comprehension
  • Official Zaftyg Certification – Contemporary Approach to Astrology (Minimum 80% Course Completion)
  • Includes A Downloadable PDF Ebook – Author Heather E. Rodriguez-Udy
  • Receive a your Personalized PDF Transits for the Next 24 months (Minimum 80% Course Completion)
  • Extensive Sidereal Yogas in Vedic Natal Charts
  • Business Astrology Facebook – META 10/28/21 NEW!
  • Financial Astrology – Integrate Gann Method NEW!
  • UDMY – Stockmarket Astrology for Udemy! 10/29/21 NEW!
  • BITCOIN – Natal Chart and Current Transits 11/10/21 NEW!
  • Britney Spears – End of the 13 Year Conservatorship NEW!
  • Placements for a Good Astrologer
  • Good Value For Your Money


  • This course has been challenging for some beginners – unless you’re prepared for Saturn’s hard work(consistent) and study this course will seem foreign because it is complex. So beginners are welcome but please not expect to learn all that’s in the course in less than 5% course progress and no study. You must have a good relationship with study and want to learn, Saturn won’t be handed to you. Highly recommend prating reading at minimum 100 charts.
  • No Experience Required – But this is an advance course with basics for beginners. Engage and ask questions
  • Those interested in Financial Astrology – US StockMarket Examples. Disclaimer: Not a Financial Advisor.
  • Someone that loves reading material – there is a lot to study in this course (not your typical course)
  • Those that Need to Learn at Their Own Pace
  • Those who want to start their own Astrology or Healing Practice
  • An Willingness to Learn and Soak up Knowledge in Non-Traditional Learning settings
  • Those that want to Study Their Own Chart or for Family and Friends
  • Those Interested in Studying Astro-Cartography
  • Those interested in Business Astrology
  • Good Value For Your Money



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Let’s be honest, this course is advanced but easily broken down for those with no prior experience to learn. This course is different in its approach to astrology, as a research astrologer, I like to take into consideration all of the natal charts, progressions, sidereal, nakshatras, divisional charts available to give the best advice or to make major decisions. I use multiple techniques and methods from both the tropical and sidereal systems. This course is intended for those that are open to alternative types of astrology. This is a NEO Astrology approach and involves multiple layers, techniques, and uses for different astrological systems from health to financial to astro-cartography and more. If you’re looking for mainstream astrology – this course is not it. This will take a good relationship with Saturn, slow, steady, hardworking and consistent to learn all this knowledge. DO NOT EXPECT TO LEARN ALL OF THIS INSTANTLY OR IN ONE HOUR OR ONLY COMPLETE PARTIAL COURSE. Saturn does not like to skip or rush and this course provides more than 16 hours of material. I highly recommended studying 1000+ natal charts to fully grasps the level of astrology¬†I teach. This is a deep dive course and a compilation of all of my research over the last 25 years. If you do not understand, actively ask questions as I do read over and grade your assignments.




Here to answer your questions and messages as support Astrologer,

Maniyan – Zaftyg Team for Mrs. Rodriguez-Udy


I have never knew a person that walked into astrology without asking bigger questions. With astrology we can see many things. It’s a general rule of thumb not to predict death or diagnose. Unless otherwise a licensed and qualified professional. When in doubt, seek professional help if needed. And they do exists!

Now, my Atmarkaraka and chart ruler in Sidereal is Mercury, it’s important that I work this course this way as it’s apart of my soul path. Your path in life will be and is different depending on your natal chart. What is your Atkmakaraka? It’s the planet in your sidereal chart with the highest degree, do not include Rahu or Ketu. This is essentially the souls path which is in ways similar to the North Node in Western, it is similar but not the same.

I have used astrology to understand many things in my own life from mental illness (genetic), to incurable diseases such as cancer, and use it on a regular basis in my daily life for the Stockmarket (Disclaimer* not a financial advisor), for choosing auspicious days to have surgery or signs contracts and buying my lotto tickets. When using astrology to make good financial decisions, the planet Mercury plays a huge role. I’m sure you can understand how I’ve come to this point. I’ve enjoyed traveling and documenting both my husband’s and I’s experience with Astro-Cartography in at least 22+ countries. I have been conducting private research on mental illness. It is my hope one day that we might just use astrology to help diagnosis someone early before a terminal stage of cancer. Like myself, I was diagnosed with metatastic ovarian cancer at only 28 around my Saturn return in the first house. No, that one statement does not mean you’ll get cancer.*** I still believe western medicine as a fact and experienced surgeons help save my life. With the help of alternative healing such as Reiki and Astrology to plan ahead for health and financially reasons astrology is a tool for me to plan strategically as a Virgo ascendant in Sidereal. With Pluto about to arrive in the air sign of Aquarius, many astrologers sense a wave of Uranus also bring in the future, which is why you might be inclined to study at this time.


In this course I share my thoughts on¬†Airbnb¬†IPO from December 2020 and it’s future on the Stockmarket.¬†Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Newly added UDMY’s Ipo &¬†Facebook’s name change to Meta.¬†This course has an overview of my top picks for Cannabis IPOs on the NYSE and examples for NYSE natal and more. But this course, this course is probably suited for those that are willing to take a sit in the driver’s seat of their own life. Those that want to understand astrology to apply it to their daily lives and use what they learn from this course to help live in the moment in their own lives. For those that want to take an active part in understanding what their life holds. Everyone has a god given talent, you’ll find it in the navamsa chart in sidereal – 6th house. Whatever that is, that is your god given talent and you will do well regardless.


This is not mainstream typical astrological meanings, these are very on the nose and direct meanings. Either you’ll have to get away from the mainstream definitions a bit and evil (progressed charts!!) and/or ideally don’t know much but are eager to learn a bit of research from many perspectives.

Would love to hear back from my students with questions, as I may need to further explain something and add another video to specific areas.


I will answer questions for all of my students that relate to this course and at the end of this 85+ lecture course about your own charts.¬†That’s 16+ hours course of course material to study!


– You’ll receive an official certificate of completion and recognition in “Contemporary Approach to Astrology”. Please message me when you’re finished with your course or have completed 80% of this course to ensure your comprehension level.

– In addition, I’m gifting all my students a PDF with your yearly personalized transits for up to 24 months based on your current residential location, please message for this after you’re finished with you course or please ensure you’ve completed at least 80% of the course.

–¬†Be Featured on the Cover of Zaftyg Magazine+Feature Interview


I am also the author of the ‘For the Curious Astrology basics’ E-Book, which is included in this course along with other course materials. At the moment this course has¬†85+ lectures and more than 16+ hours of videos, note that I will be adding more soon. that you can download and reference back to at anytime. I am the founder and editor at Zaftyg Magazine, an online progressive brand. You can find additional reading on a weekly basis. As always, ask questions. I’ll do my best to respond with 24 hours or less!


¬°Se habla espa√Īol!¬†¬°Podr√≠a ser, que tendre que recrear este curso en espa√Īol!


Ms. Rodriguez-Udy

P.S. You may join your fellow students in our FB group under Zaftyg for astrological conversations.


What qualifies me to teach this course?

РOver 25 years of astrological research and study РWestern & Sidereal systems: Evolutionary, Hora, Gann, Jyotish, Nadi Astrology, Political Astrology, Financial & Business Astrology and Astro-Cartography

– Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapist

– Certified Life Coach

– Harvard Certification

РReiki Master & Teacher (Crystal Reiki & Animal Reiki included)

– Certified Hypnotherapist

– Traveled the World (22+ countries) as Apart of my Research in Astro-Cartography

– Founder and Editor at Zaftyg Magazine at Zaftyg LLC

– Connect with me on Linkedin

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners ONLY if you have astrology placements to Moderate & Advanced Learners of Astrology
  • Those interested in Financial Astrology – US StockMarket Examples. Disclaimer: Not a Financial Advisor.
  • Those Interested in Political Astrology
  • Those Interested in Studying Astro-Cartography
  • Those that are Interest in Learning how to Apply Astrology to the US Stock-Market
  • Those Who Want to Start Their Own Practice or Start Reading Charts Professionally
  • Those that Enjoy Alternative Learning
  • Those Interesting in Understanding where to Apply Astrology
Contemporary Approach to Astrology - Certification
Financial Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Tropical Astrology, Astro-Cartography, Political Astrology, Chinese, Numerology +
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