Corset Design Kit: Learn To Draft A Corset

Corset Design Kit: Learn To Draft A Corset

What you’ll learn

  • How to layout measurements for a corset pattern
  • How to draft corset pattern curves
  • How to add fitting darts, seam and zip allowances into corset pattern
  • How to cut out a corset pattern


  • Students should know basic bodice patterns as in my prior course.


The Corset Design Kit- Corset Drafting Class teaches you how to construct the beautiful fashion pattern of a corset that expresses the curves of the body and figure.

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In this course, you learn go through every aspect of corset design from measurements to drafting the shoulder, arm, waist and all important fitting darts and allowances. I also teach you how fundamentals to calculate measurements so that you can draft your very own corset pattern that can be placed on drafting paper ready to transfer to fabric for sewing a final successful design.

This course shows you two of the many ways to draft a corset, so you can choose your preference in your designs. You also learn how to add the corset back panel, and add seam allowances for a pattern ready to cut.

What you learn:

  • How to layout measurements for a corset pattern
  • How to draft the bust radius
  • How to draft the waist dart and the bust dart in getting bust cup
  • How to draft fitting lines and curves that will fit the body
  • How to calculate circumferences for the bust and waist
  • How to cut out your corset pattern properly
  • How to draft the corset back panel

Fashion requires your ability to put your measurements into a good order for a fashion design to work creatively and this course will help you master that process.

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If you’re ready to perfect your bodice pattern drafting, then see you in my course!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning fashion designers
  • Tailors
Corset Design Kit: Learn To Draft A Corset
Learn to draft and cut a simple corset pattern.
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