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Welcome to the guitar for beginners course! My name is Filip Flego, I am a professional guitar player and teacher, and I will lead you through the ...
3.5 total hours
Unlock the realm of Trap Beat Wizardry through our transformative course: “FL Studio Mastery Empowered by ChatGPT.” Immerse yourself in...
7 total hours
Do you find yourself using only a few open chord shapes and a simple pentatonic for soloing here and there? My name is Dave and I’ve come acr...
6 total hours
The drum path is the ultimate guide for drum enthusiasts. The student will get to learn everything he/she needs to know from the very basics of han...
14.5 total hours
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In this class, I guide you through the essentials of learning to play the electric guitar. The course starts with learning about what gear you’ll n...
2 total hours