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CV / Resume for Experienced & Freshers

CV / Resume for Experienced & Freshers

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the purpose and potential of a professional CV/Resume
  • Build your resume with 7 key sections
  • Quantify your professional and academic experiences to stand out
  • Format your CV professionally


  • Access to laptop / desktop computer with Internet Connection
  • Access to any of the following software: Microsoft Word / Apple’s Pages / LibreOffice Writer / Apache OpenOffice / Google Docs


Every professional needs a CV / Resume to showcase their offerings, but unfortunately, most of the CVs are rejected by employers and end up in the trash because of poorly structured information, too little or too many irrelevant details, unprofessional formatting etc.

This course guides you on how you can prepare a professional resume whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, using relevant information, correct structuring of information and simple formatting.

So what you are going to learn in this course?

• How you can build a professional CV using attention-grabbing words and numbers
• Structuring information correctly
• Elegant and simple formatting

Course lessons:

Different sections of a CV

• The 7 key sections to include in your CV / Resume
• Understanding the purpose of each section
• Information not to include in your resume


• How to draft your professional title
• Information to include in your contact details
• Structuring contact information in the correct order


• Purpose of summary
• How to summarize your professional information to stand out
• Keeping it concise


• Understanding the purpose of Hard Skills and Soft Skills
• Structuring your skills in the correct order


• What to write if you do not have any work experience
• How to list your contributions in a concise manner


• Purpose of education in a CV
• Information to include

Achievements / Awards

• The 2 kinds of achievements that you can write


• Why an organization would want to know about your interests?
• Hobbies/interests that you should be including in your CV


Who this course is for:

  • Students applying for jobs
  • Working Professionals
  • Freelancers
  • Artists
CV / Resume for Experienced & Freshers
A comprehensive guide on how you can build a better resume
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