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Cyber Security: Intermediate Linux Commands

Cyber Security: Intermediate Linux Commands

What you’ll learn

  • Review of Linux Commands
  • What is and how to Hash
  • How encoding/decoding works
  • How to secure sensitive data
  • How to crack GPG files


  • Basic Linux knowledge recommended. You should have Kali Linux at hands


This course covers useful Linux commands for Cyber Security for beginners to intermediate users. Some commands are included for more advanced users, but all can be useful for everyone.

We also included a lecture that reviews the beginners commands, so even if you have no experience with the Linux command line it should be possible to follow along with the course.

Most of these commands have an equivalent that works on Mac; they should be easy to figure out how to execute if you are on one of those systems or have access to a virtual machine.

You will learn learn new skills like securing sensitive data, encoding/decoding, cracking GPG files and more. Before staring this course, you should already have some familiarity with the Linux command line.

As the name implies, this is more of a Cyber Security course than an Ethical Hacking course. But you will learn how to crack GPG files in this course. It’s all about learning how to use these tools properly, so no evil will be done.

The course teaches you commands that you should know as a Cyber Security professional working on Linux (or Mac) systems. If you use Linux and want to learn more commands for cyber security, this course is for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Ethical Hackers
  • Sysadmins
  • Devops
  • Software Developers
Cyber Security: Intermediate Linux Commands
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