Django for beginners with Htmx, Pandas, and Plotly

Django for beginners with Htmx, Pandas, and Plotly

What you’ll learn

  • Incorporate other python libraries with Django like Plotly and Pandas
  • Learn the fundamentals of Django from beginner to intermediate level
  • Learn about databases and Django’s object relational mapper
  • Utilise HTMX to achieve a considerable level of asynchronous programming in a Django powered website


  • A basic to intermediate knowledge of Python programming language
  • A little knowledge of python libraries like pandas and plotly


The idea of learning is to be able to apply the knowledge gained. Therefore, in this course, a mini web application that a user can go to upload data and create charts and pivot tables is built. The framework used in building this app is Django. However, some other functionalities like htmx, plotly, and pandas were used alongside django. Django, pandas and plotly are python-based frameworks or libraries as the case maybe and Htmx is a tool written in JavaScript that enables us to carry out AJAX operations, CSS transitions, etc. directly from html using html attributes. With Htmx, one can have some JavaScript effect on the web application without writing JavaScript code and by just using html attributes that allows for sending http requests, determining the trigger events that sends the request, and creating a way in which the entire screen is not replace by the http response that is sent back as a result of the http request.

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The project gives hands on experience about the many concepts that are peculiar to these frameworks and libraries. Concepts like MVT (Model View Template), URL routing, making django model queries, authentication in django, CRUD operations, forms, form styling, static files, htmx for a level of asynchronous programming on the app would be discussed. after taking this course, your knowledge of django would have strengthened because of the practical approach the course took.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build Django powered web applications
  • Python programmers who want to go into web development
Django for beginners with Htmx, Pandas, and Plotly
Building a mini web application from scratch using django, htmx, pandas and plotly
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