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Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Practice Exam


Docker Certified Associate – Practice Exams

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Docker Certified Associate certification is for the DevOps engineers to validate their Docker skills and expertise of using Docker tool.

This practice test will serve as your ultimate warm-up before you apply for the main exam. It will help you analyze your knowledge and practice and will also provide a broad perspective on what to expect from the certification exam.


  • The test will consist of¬†55 MCQs¬†(Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Each correct answer will grant one mark/point with¬†NO negative marking
  • There are¬†NO optional questions
  • The time duration of this test will be¬†90 minutes
  • Docker has not disclosed any passing criteria or cut-off for DCA exam but the¬†cut-off for this practice test is set to 80%¬†(aim high!)

The Syllabus:

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This practice test tries to stay as close to the DCA certification’s syllabus as possible with the weight of topics for questions roughly distributed as follows:

  • Orchestration – 25%
  • Image Creation, Management, and Registry – 20%
  • Installation and Configuration – 15%
  • Networking – 15%
  • Security – 15%
  • Storage and Volumes – 10%

Domain 1: Orchestration (25% of exam)

  • Understand Docker Swarm Orchestration
  • Setup of a swarm mode cluster, with managers and worker nodes
  • Differences between running a container vs running a service
  • Lock a swarm cluster
  • Inspect docker and container using “docker inspect” commands
  • YAML compose file with “docker stack deploy”
  • Update/Change a running stack of services
  • Increase/Decrease # of replicas
  • Add networks, publish ports
  • Mount volumes
  • Differences and use-cases for replicated vs global service
  • Troubleshoot a service using logs
  • Applying node labels
  • Task placement using node labels
  • Using templates with docker service

Domain 2: Image Creation, Management, and Registry (20% of exam)

  • Describe Dockerfile options [add, copy, volumes, expose, entrypoint, etc)
  • Understand Dockerfile and create an efficient image
  • Use CLI commands such as list, delete, prune, rmi, etc to manage images
  • Inspect images and report specific attributes using filter and format
  • Tagging, Pushing, Signing, pulling, adding a file, Modify an image
  • Modify an image to a single layer
  • Configure and setup registry,
  • Display layers of a Docker image
  • Describe how image layers work
  • Login, Search, Delete image in a registry

Domain 3: Installation and Configuration (15% of exam)

  • Setup repo, storage driver, install and upgrade docker-engine in various platforms
  • Configure logging drivers (splunk, journald, etc)
  • Setup swarm, configure managers, add nodes, and setup backup schedule
  • Create and manage user and teams
  • Sizing requirements for production scenarios
  • Understand namespaces, cgroups, and configuration of certificates
  • Use certificate-based client-server authentication to ensure a Docker daemon has the rights to access images on a registry
  • Setup in AWS infrastructure along with HA config
  • Complete configuration of backups for UCP and DTR
  • Configure the Docker daemon to start on boot

Domain 4: Networking (15% of exam)

  • Create and setup a bridge network
  • Publish ports and identify ip to access the containers.
  • Explore and set up a different type of networks like bridge, host and null network
  • Describe the different types and use cases for the built-in network drivers
  • Introduction to DNS and using external DNS
  • Load balance traffic between containers
  • Communication between Docker engine, registry, and UCP controllers
  • Deploy service on a Docker overlay network
  • Describe the difference between “host” and “ingress” port publishing mode

Domain 5: Security (15% of exam)

  • Signing image
  • Enable Docker Content Trust
  • Configure (Role-Based Access Control) RBAC in UCP
  • Overview of Integration of UCP with LDAP/AD
  • Create, download and use UCP client bundles
  • Securing Docker swarm
  • Difference between UCP workers and managers
  • The process to use external certificates with UCP and DTR

Domain 6: Storage and Volumes (10% of exam)

  • Various graph driver and its usage
  • Configure device-mapper
  • Compare object storage to block storage, and explain which one is preferable when available
  • Different layers in a docker container and how volumes are used with docker for persistent storage
  • Cleanup unused images in filesystem and Registry

Who this course is for:

  • Docker Certified Associate Exam students & candidates
Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Practice Exam
DCA : [New] Docker Certified Associate certification
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