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Economics of Blockchain Gaming and Play-to-Earn

Economics of Blockchain Gaming and Play-to-Earn

What you’ll learn

  • Economics and Business Model of Blockchain Gaming
  • How Play-to-Earn platforms create value?
  • Token Engineering aspects of Play-to-Earn
  • Sustainability of Play-to-Earn Economics


  • Some basic understanding of web3 will be helpful.


In 2021 blockchain game activity grew by 2000%…yes 2000% and 52% of blockchain activity come from gaming dApps.

Now, When it comes to mass adoption of crypto and web3, no other industry is likely to play a more important role than online gaming.

Some web3 concepts such as virtual currency ownership, trading of virtual goods, user-generated content, and tokenization already existed in the online gaming world.

Another aspect is that the regulatory scrutiny that most applications areas of web3 are exposed to, is virtually non-existent in the case of gaming. So, gaming web3 platforms can scale fairly rapidly without the fear of regulatory interventions.

Unlike most other web3 application areas, incumbents are themselves driving the growth of the sector. For example, Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard, one of the biggest California-based video gaming companies in a $68.7 billion dollar deal to build its own Metaverse. Major game publisher Ubisoft launched in-game NFTs.

The point is that like any other industry blockchain gaming has challenges but it is most likely the best-positioned sector for mass adoption of blockchain and web3.

Now, this course is not about which game tokens to invest in, neither it is about game design or game building. This course is about the economics of blockchain games and more specifically play to earn games.

Blockchain games especially play-to-earn game platforms are intricate economies that require special attention from the game builders.

This means designing the game economics should involve utmost care and this is what this course is about. Yes, we will discuss some projects in blockchain gaming and play-to-earn but the focus will be on economics.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is suitable for techies and analysts who want to build and analyze blockchain gaming systems.
Economics of Blockchain Gaming and Play-to-Earn
Understanding Business Model and Token Engineering of Play-to-Earn Games including Axie Infinity.
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