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Electronics for Everyone: A Beginner’s Step by Step Guide

Electronics for Everyone: A Beginner’s Step by Step Guide

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about all of the different electronics and their functions
  • Learn about the history of electronics
  • Learn to speak confidently with knowledge on various topics related to electronics
  • Become an expert in the field of electronics
  • Learn how to fix your electronics, not just replace them
  • Learn about the fundamentals of electronics, including hands-on experience with components like resistors, transistors, capacitors, diodes and so much more
  • You can build your own electronics devices, even if you have no experience.


  • A laptop with Python installed (or any other programming language)
  • willingness to learn


Are you a beginner in electronics? Do you want to learn how to build your own circuits? The Electronics for Beginners Course is the perfect way to get introduced to electronics. You’ll learn about electrical safety, circuit basics like voltage and current, and how to read a schematic. You’ll also work through introductory lessons on motors, transistors & diodes, capacitors & inductors, signals & oscillators. With this course, you’ll learn all sorts of different concepts like soldering and working with motors also the safety of using electronics.

Introduction :

Like most things in life, electricity is more complex than you may think. A lot of conditions have to come together to make that little spark when you touch a doorknob or provide the power to run a supercomputer. To understand how electricity works, it helps to break it down into its parts. Electricity is created when voltage pulls an electric current through a conductor. But when you sit down and run a wire between a switch and a light, just where do you get the juice (the electricity) to power that light?​

this course will have two chapters.


  • Understanding the role of electrons, conductors, and voltage​
  • Looking at how electricity is generated Exploring some electronic components Connecting components together in circuits Introducing a few tools of the electronics trade Breaking it all down into units​
  • Understanding Ohm’s Law


  • Using common sense when working with electronic components​
  • Avoiding electrocution Keeping watch over static Working with AC current​
  • Measuring safely with a multimeter Soldering without fear​
  • Wearing the right clothes for safety

What you will learn in this course?

  • learns basic concepts like electricity, current, voltage, resistance, and ohms law
  • Learn the safety of using electronics
  • Learn how to create a Simple Circuit
  • Learn about conventional current and Real Current
  • Learn The basics of how an electronic device works from the perspective of physics.

Discover the joy of building electronic circuits and devices.

Get the skills to build your own circuits! Sign Up and  Become a creator of electronic devices!

Who this course is for:

  • biggeners who want to expand their knowledges.
  • hobbyist
  • Learners
  • Electricians who wants to expand their Learnings.
  • Anyone who wants to learn from scratch
  • for those who want to build electronic circuits
Electronics for Everyone: A Beginner's Step by Step Guide
Get the skills to build your own circuits
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