ESG Reporting for Businesses

What you’ll learn

  • Select frameworks that are most suitable for your business
  • Applying the frameworks as a starting point of writing ESG report
  • Implement Greenhouse Gas Accounting
  • Connect the Sustainable Development Goals with other frameworks of ESG
  • Recognize the benefits of ESG reporting
  • Identify contents and principles of good ESG reports
  • Identify emerging risks that are most likely to impact businesses in different industries
  • Be prepared for future trends of ESG Reporting
  • Think about how your business could overcome current ESG reporting challenges
  • Understand the differences and similarities between different frameworks and standards


  • Basic understanding of Corporate ESG
  • Basic business management skills
  • Basic understanding of business operations


The course will extend from the fundamental of Corporate ESG and elaborate on 6 aspects related to ESG in greater depth, including

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  • Global Landscape;
  • Standards & Frameworks;
  • The reasons and benefits of ESG reporting ;
  • Contents and Elements of good ESG Reports;
  • The current challenges in ESG reporting;
  • Trends going forward.

After completing the first section, you should be able to understand the differences and similarities between different frameworks and standards, the compatibility of frameworks, selecting the ones that are most suitable for your business based on geographical location, corporate vision and strategy, your product, the main audience of your ESG report and the aspect of ESG that is most important to your business, and finally understand how to apply the frameworks as a starting point of writing ESG report for corporations.

Implementation of Greenhouse Gas Accounting Tools and the Sustainable Development Goals will be further elaborated.

In section 2, we will identify 9 reasons for ESG reporting and explain each of them with cases, such as significant financial loss due to lack of ESG considerations

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We will then make reference to how rating agencies assess corporate ESG and several global frameworks, to explore the contents and principles of ESG reporting. By suggesting various challenges that are emerging, you will practise identifying the risks that are most likely to impact businesses in different industries.

In section 3, three of the current challenges will be identified and you should be able to think about how your business could overcome these challenges to gain competitive advantages in the market your business is operating in. 6 general trends and 6 trends in the contents of ESG reports will be explained in detail.

Being forward-thinking is one of the most important characteristics of successful business leaders, after finishing the course, you should be able to adjust or establish your ESG strategy and write an ESG report that makes your business future proof.

WISDP was registered in Hong Kong in October 2017 as a Company Limited by Guarantee to drive the training and foster professional recognition of sustainable development in the business, education and public sectors. It has formally been launched in February 2018 and is striving to establish strategic partnerships with like-minded institutions to advocate the UN Agenda 2030. WISDP operates in the form of a Learned Society and a Research Institute and works with a view to providing training programmes for professionals. It has established memberships and certification processes to recognize the training, experiences and contributions of individuals and corporations to sustainable development.

Who this course is for:

  • Forward-thinking business leaders
  • Business strategy consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • ESG report writers
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Start up entrepreneurs
ESG Reporting for Businesses
ESG Reporting - from beginner to expert
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