FL Studio 20 – Music Theory Cheat Codes – Be a Power User

FL Studio 20 - Music Theory Cheat Codes - Be a Power User

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll be able to program Industry Standard Chords & Chord Progressions in FL Studio
  • Advanced techniques which helps in making you a Super User in FL Studio
  • You’ll be learning Music Theory in the fastest, creative and efficient way possible
  • Analysis of 3 Hit Songs to make you even more productive in producing Music inside FL Studio


  • Here I am using FL Studio 20 , FL Studio 12 & Above works great too
  • Fresh Mind to grab the knowledge In Music
  • Lots of Concentration and Must pay attention
  • Little Experience in FL Studio (DAW)
  • No Music Programming knowledge needed, you’ll learn everything in this course


Hey there!

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Hope you’re doing good 🙂

Sick of those long lectures about Music theory which makes you bored ?

Tired of investing a lot of time in learning something ?

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Worry not !

I won’t waste you time 😉

In this course of Music Production you’ll learn Music theory inside FL Studio in the best, fastest, easy & efficient way possible!

Learn Everything related to Music theory to produce a Hit sounding Chord Progression comparable to the present Music Industry in less than 2 Hours Everything Inside FL Studio !!!

From the basics to more advanced level of Music Theory, you’ll be able to learn a lot of tips , techniques, tricks and hacks in Music which will eventually makes you the power user in Music Theory in FL Studio.

At the end of the course, you’ll become a Power user in Music Theory making hit sounding Chords and Chord Progressions In FL Studio, also in adapting various techniques, tips and tricks in Music Production.

That’s not all it!

Get Valuable Resources which worth a lot !

Who Am I ?

I’m Hari from Music Magic Entertainment, A place where we fulfill all your audio needs from Music Production to Audio Editing , Mixing , Mastering , Sound Designing, Song Writing and More.

As I feel time is more valuable in our lives, my only motive is to provide quality knowledge in the easy, fast & efficient way possible.

We are a freelancing group in the past who made a lot of projects and saw our clients satisfied with our pristine work.

Some Feedbacks Say:

This place is amazing for your works in any audio field, I’d love to be working with you again and again, Thank you so much for making us proud – Kevin 

” Haven’t thought that you guys could make something like this I’m so shocked , The quality and the quantity you’re providing for this price is insane – Simon K ”

” As your brand says, I feel magic in my music every time my music is in your hands, i feel safe & confident, hats off to those skills – Subramanyam ”

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Music Producers who use FL Studio and are starting out
  • Intermediate Music Producers who want gain more knowledge in Music Theory
  • Individuals who are curious to learn Music Theory Inside FL Studio in the fastest way possible
  • Those who want to gain maximum knowledge about Music Theory in less than 2 hours
FL Studio 20 - Music Theory Cheat Codes - Be a Power User
Unlock your potential by learning Music Theory in the best, easy & fastest way possible (Valuable Resources Included)
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