Forex Trading Get Funded FTMO MFF & 3 More Easy Ways

Forex Trading Get Funded FTMO MFF & 3 More Easy Ways

What you’ll learn

  • The ABC of Forex Funding
  • Why we lose our money to the market
  • How to pass FTMO, MFF etc
  • Investors funding (how to get a good investor funding)
  • How to get paid account management (account management funding)
  • How to grow your small account (fund yourself growing organically)


  • Basic Forex Trading Knowledge
  • Willingness to Learn And Put to Use What Was Learnt
  • Access to Either a Smart Phone, Laptop or Desktop
  • Access to Internet connection
  • Ready to Grow


The major challenges face by traders all over the world is finance, the ability to have enough funding so as they can focus on just trading and not trying to make outrageous profit in a short time, this is the same reason why most account are blow because there is not enough capital to hold your trade nor is there enough capital to live on at the end of the day.

In this course you’ll learn how to get funded from prop firms FTMO MFF or any other prop firm out there since their rules is similar, passing these challenges in less than 30days both phase 1 and phase 2, remember you need to put in the work this is not a magic pill but a possible way out of many.

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You will also learn the reason why most traders lose their money to the market and how to avoid those two (2) mistakes, It’s mostly a thing of the mind.

While you can get funded from prop firms, there are other ways you can get funded on your forex business and how to attract the right investor’s who will not put you under pressure.

You’ll also hear how I lost investor’s capital (even if it’s small) and how I was able to tackle it and became a better trader.


If you’re reading this right now this is one of the best decision you’ve make in your forex trading journey.

I’m Godstime Ogie

Cheers to profitablity and funding.

Who this course is for:

  • For Forex Traders who want’s to get funded or grow their funds
Forex Trading Get Funded FTMO MFF & 3 More Easy Ways
How to get funding for your forex trading business
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