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FX & Crypto MasterClass: 5 Steps To Becoming Your Own Boss

FX & Crypto MasterClass: 5 Steps To Becoming Your Own Boss

What you’ll learn

  • How to secure $200,000 of trading capital within 30 days or less
  • How to scale up your trading capital to as much as $500,000
  • How to trade part time whilst still maintaining a full-time job
  • How to transition from part time trader to full time trader or any other new career path of your choosing
  • Master a Complete, All-Inclusive Trading System that will detail exactly when to enter and exit trades
  • Understand why most people fail at trading and how not to become a statistic
  • Understand how to setup, read, and analyze price charts correctly
  • Master the psychology of trading and inherit the mindset of a successful trader
  • Understand exactly how the Financial Markets operate
  • Apply Risk Management, ensuring only 1% – 3% of your Total Trading Portfolio is at risk per trade


  • A Burning Desire to be Your Own Boss and to Shape Your Financial Future
  • An Open Mind and a Willingness to Learn
  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Ambition


Dear Aspiring Trader and Future Business Owner,

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Interested in becoming your Own Boss and a consistently Profitable Trader?

Well welcome to the Hardest Game in the world but the Greatest Game You Will Ever Play!

I say the greatest because it’s a business that requires very little start up capital, experiences none of the headaches that typically come with running a normal business and Your Earning Potential Is Literally Unlimited.

Unfortunately, in this game you’re playing against some of the sharpest, fastest, most intelligent, well informed, stubbornly irrational and in many cases, unethical minds in the world.

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  • You’re up against The Computer that can react faster than you.
  • The Trader who has more experience than you.
  • The Hedge-Fund that has more money than you.
  • The Insider that has more information than you.
  • Those that will misinform you.
  • And That Inner Voice that will make you continuously doubt yourself.

So, leave all your dreams of making quick-easy money behind, because Trading Is The Hardest Easy Money You Will Ever Make!

Your primary objective should be survival and your first goal should be to learning how to stay in the game!

Your can do this by:

  • Having a profitable trading system with a long historical proven track record (IE: All our students have access to our FREE LIVE Trading Room where trades are taken in real time and our YTD performance is made available for transparency and accountability)
  • By understanding how other traders think and using that to your advantage.
  • Picking your entries into the market very, very carefully.
  • Managing your risk.
  • Managing emotions and trading psychology.

This course will teach you exactly how to do all of that and more in 5 Easy Steps.

I lost money every year for 5 years until I started applying the lessons and steps we teach in this course.

I am now consistently profitable in my trading and have never looked back.

As a matter of fact, I am so confident I can help you that I’ll Even Guarantee Your Results. If we have not been able to teach you the exact steps to take in order to make a consistent profit in the financial markets within 30 Days or less, we will refund you every cent.

And so I repeat….Welcome to the hardest game in the world but the greatest game in the world, where your earning potential is unlimited!

Are You Ready to play?


  • Vincent has been Ranked In The Top 10% Of Most Engaging Udemy Instructors
  • Over 7500+ Satisfied Students have taken our courses
  • Over 1000+ Reviews
  • We have a 4.5 out of 5 Star Average Rating across all our courses


Enroll Now and Take Control Of Your Financial Future!

Who this course is for:

  • You want an ALL-INCLUSIVE, One-Stop course that will take you from Novice Trader to Profitable Trader in 5 Easy Steps
  • You want to be apart of a Real-Time Live Trading Community that has a FREE Online Live Trading Room and allows you to keep learning everyday long after you complete this course
  • If you are currently in 1 of 3 situations below, this course is an absolute MUST for you!
  • You want to supplement your current income so that eventually you are no longer dependent on an employer, and become self-sufficient. Ideally you can step away from your current full-time job and pursue your passion in life whatever it may be. This could be another career altogether or becoming a full-time trader
  • You are currently working a full-time job and you really enjoy your career with no intention of leaving it. However, you are looking for other ways to boost your earning potential so that you can improve & upgrade certain areas of your current lifestyle like Holidays, Home Renovations, Gadgets, Experiences and more
  • You are happy with your current career as well as your current level of income but rather you are looking for ways to improve returns on a portion of your investments
FX & Crypto MasterClass: 5 Steps To Becoming Your Own Boss
Unlock Your Full Potential With The Greatest Business Model Ever. The Complete A-Z Guide + Access To Live Trading Room!
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