Gatsby JS | Build a personal blog using gatsbyJS

Gatsby JS Build a personal blog using gatsbyJS

Gatsby JS | Build a personal blog using GatsbyJS” is a course designed for individuals who want to create their own personal blog using GatsbyJS. GatsbyJS is a popular static site generator that allows users to build fast, responsive, and SEO-friendly websites.

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In this course, students will learn how to set up a GatsbyJS project, use GraphQL to retrieve data, create and style components, and deploy their site to the web. Additionally, students will learn how to add features such as pagination, tags, and search functionality to their blog.

By the end of this course, students will have a fully functional and customized personal blog, which they can use to showcase their work, share their ideas, or express their opinions. This course is ideal for anyone interested in web development, blogging, or digital marketing.

Gatsby JS | Build a personal blog using gatsbyJS Course Description

Gatsby JS | Build a personal blog using gatsbyJS

Learn to build blazing fast apps and websites with React using Gatsby, a static PWA (Progressive Web App) generator! Starting from scratch, you’ll learn to build a full blog app

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Gatsby is a React-based, GraphQL powered static site generator. It combines together the best parts of React, webpack, react-router, GraphQL, and other front end tools to provide excellent developer experience. Gatsby is far more than typical static site generator though. You can think of it more like a modern front-end framework.

Find out how to work with Gatsby pages, assets, and components, and style your sites using styled components.

Use GraphQL in Gatsby for storing and retrieving data, create pages and posts with Markdown, optimize your images automatically with the gatsby-image.

Learn Gatsby JS and be a top contender for modern Front End developer jobs!

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Gatsby JS | Build a personal blog using gatsbyJS
Learn Gatsby JS and GraphQL to increase your knowledge in modern web development.
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