Git Crash Course with Git Extensions

Git Crash Course with Git Extensions

What you’ll learn

  • Setting up Git Extensions with Git
  • How to use Git without programming
  • Using Git Extensions with basic Git operations
  • Basic features of Git Extensions


  • No programming skills are required. Only motivation 🙂


New to Git framework and do not know how to use Git? Struggling with 1000 operations from Git? Can not memorize which and when a particular Git operation must be used?

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I present here a very easy way to learn Git from scratch without memorizing and writing a single command!

With Git Extensions, i will teach you how to use the full potential of Git using a user interface instead of writing several commands in a command line interface without dropping a drop of sweat!

P.S: if you have a little knowledge in programming, this course might be exactly right for you!

Udemy APAC

In this course, a step by step of setting up Git and Git Extensions will be shown. Next, i will give you a small introduction about the theory of Git and what it can do for you. After that, several basic Git operation will be taught. For example, how to initialize a repository and start working with it. Creating branches, checking them out, pulling the latest changes and merging branches together will also be included. Also working within one branch, such as staging, committing and pushing the changes to the remote repository is included.

Excited? Then lets start!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want a smooth start with Git
Git Crash Course with Git Extensions
Git with Git Extensions
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