Graphic Design Skills From Scratch

What you’ll learn

  • Color theory
  • Introduction to pixellab
  • How to download and add fonts
  • Logo design
  • Logo on mockup
  • How to design ebook cover
  • Birthday flyer design
  • Business card design


  • Be prepared
  • Have an open mind to learning
  • Be determined to be a graphic designer


This is a course that will take you on step by step to becoming a graphic designer.  It contains practical video lessons of graphic designs on creating logo designs, mockups, creating book cover designs, creating business card designs, how to create birthday flyers and lots more. This course is for both beginners In graphic design and also if you are looking to improve or learn new designs as a graphic designer, this course is also for you. Creating designs does not just mean you should combine unmatched colors, you need to learn color theory and how to be able to use the right combination of colors that suit what your design is for and  also the message you are trying to pass across to anyone who will encounter your design. We are all familiar  with graphics. What is graphic design?

Graphic design can be defined as the art and profession of selecting and arranging visual elements,  such as types, images, symbols and colors to convey a message to recipient.  Sometimes,  graphic design is called “VISUAL COMMUNICATION” a term that describes its functions, like the design of a book cover, advertisement,  website or logo, to information etc.

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The important part of a graphic designer or the task of a designer is to pu together or to combine visual and verbal elements into an organised, ordered  and effective whole.

A graphic design is use to pass message, it could be for your business flyers or birthday flyers, business card, invitation card, banners and all…

Who this course is for:

  • For everyone who is has been wanting to learn graphic designs
  • For anyone who is ready to make money as a graphic designer
  • For graphic designers that is ready to learn more
Graphic Design Skills From Scratch
Learn graphic design for beginners
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