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How to Create Amazing Visuals For Your eLearning Content

How to Create Amazing Visuals For Your eLearning Content

What you’ll learn

  • Basic theory of using unique visuals for your eLearning
  • What is Duotone and how to use it for your eLearning
  • How to create unique visuals for your eLearning with the help of Duotone
  • How to implement these unique visuals in your eLearning content
  • How to use different type of eLearning formats while implementing these pictures


Visuals have a critical role in a successful digital learning experience. The goal of any eLearning content is to make an impact on the users and facilitate learning, which eventually will upgrade the learner in specific real-life situations. The overall goal of any learning is always to reach a desired development in the learner´s behavior, actions.

The 90 % of corporate eLearning courses are super boring and that´s mostly because of the poor visuals.

You can save massive amount of time by simply applying the free online tool, Duotone. Duotone is a cloud-based feature from shapefactory which allows you to convert any photo to a duotone, within seconds. You can create consistent a beautifully looking professional pictures yourself with ease and without any graphic design expertise.

In this course you will learn how to do that step by step.

Briefly you will also gain insight about the eLearning authoring toolArticulate 360 (Articulate Rise and Articulate Storyline) which is the best application available for this purpose. Should you be a complete beginner to eLearning, this will definitely help you.

Take action, save time and elevate your eLearning content now! Click the enroll button, and I’ll see you in class!

Your Instructor,

Bertalan Köles

Who this course is for:

  • Instructional Designers and L&D professionals who want to learn how to create successful eLearning courses
  • eLearning Designers/Developers who struggle with visuals
  • Educators, trainers, instructors who teach online and want to upgrade their content
How to Create Amazing Visuals For Your eLearning Content
Engage Your Students, Activate Emotions And Boost Their Digital Learning Experience
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