HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap – Certification Course for Beginners

HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap - Certification Course for Beginners

The “HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap – Certification Course for Beginners” is an excellent starting point for individuals who want to learn the fundamentals of web development. The course offers a comprehensive introduction to HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, which are essential tools for building modern websites. It covers the basics of HTML, including its syntax and how to structure web pages using different HTML tags.

CSS is also covered, providing an understanding of how to apply styles to HTML elements to enhance the look and feel of a website. Bootstrap, a popular front-end framework, is introduced as well, which simplifies the process of creating responsive and mobile-friendly websites. Overall, this course provides a solid foundation for beginners to start building their own websites and lays the groundwork for more advanced web development concepts.

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HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap – Certification Course for Beginners Description

This course covers three essential concepts for aspiring Web Developers. This includes HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap. Each section comes complete with comprehensive lessons that help students master the art of front-end coding.

The course is divided as follows:

HTML Development

This section explores HTML. HTML is a key fundamental building block when learning to develop websites. Students initially learn the basics of HTML page structure and gradually transition into working with spacing, text formatting, lists, images, videos, links, anchors, tables, forms and much more. We include several projects, where students are shown first-hand, how to develop and code html web pages from scratch.

CSS Development

Students learn to use CSS to create stylish, responsive web page layouts. We start by discussing the parts and types of CSS rules, followed by CSS classes, DIVS, and ID’s. Students gain significant exposure to various formatting options, including margins, padding, font properties, backgrounds, transparency, positioning, link styling and CSS tables. This section includes a hands-on web development project where students utilize the concepts explored in the lesson.

Bootstrap Framework

Students are taught to use the Bootstrap framework for responsive, mobile-first – front-end development. As one of the leading open-source development libraries, Bootstrap is an essential part of the developers coding arsenal. The section begins with teaching students how to include essential Bootstrap files into web pages. It then explores the Bootstrap Grid system and popular layout strategies for optimal cross-device and cross-browser compatibility.

Students gain exposure to just about every Bootstrap component, from typography, tables and images, to jumbotrons, wells, alerts, buttons, glyphicons and progress bars. The section includes several hands-on exercises that will walk students through the process of creating stunning layouts, complete with modals, carousels, popovers, drop-down menus, forms and much more.

HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap - Certification Course for Beginners
A Complete Guide for Beginners interested in learning HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap for Building Stylish, Responsive Web Pages.
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