HTML5 Master Class for Beginners

HTML5 Master Class for Beginners

The “HTML5 Master Class for Beginners” course is a comprehensive resource for individuals who are new to HTML and looking to develop fundamental web development skills. The course covers a range of topics, from basic HTML tags and syntax to more advanced topics such as forms, multimedia, and responsive design.

The curriculum includes practical exercises and real-world examples to give learners hands-on experience with HTML, and the course also covers how to optimize websites for search engines and how to use popular HTML editors like Adobe Dreamweaver.

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By taking this course, learners will gain a solid foundation in HTML and will be able to create basic websites and web applications. Overall, the course is an excellent choice for beginners looking to learn HTML and start their journey in web development.

HTML5 Master Class for Beginners Description

In this course, we will learn to develop any kind of websites using HTML5. We we learn what is HTML and why is it important to learn HTML for web designing and we will also go through the tools required to code in HTML. This course includes all the important topics of HTML5 that is required to build fabulous website and even about the structure of HTML and in detail about each Tags like <!DOCTYPE html>, <html>, <head>, <title>, <body>, <h1> and <p>.

Learn to design flexible web pages with just text. We will do all of this with step by step process to make this course really easy for every one to understand and will also do hands-on to have a good grip on each topic. This course also has complete notes on each topic before the hands-on to understand the working of each logic smoothly. There is no pre-requisite required to learn HTML, you just need to bring yourself and your time to get started with this course and at the end of this course, you will start to make your own websites from scratch.

You will also learn about the below topics :

HTML Editors Elements

Attributes Headings

Paragraphs Quotations

Comments Links

Tables Images

Lists Blocks

Iframe Meta tags

HTML5 Master Class for Beginners
Learn to design flexible web pages with just text
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