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InDesign Essentials & Beyond – Beginning & Advance combined

InDesign Essentials & Beyond – Beginning & Advance combined

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to create posters, brochures, books and more in InDesign
  • Understand layout principles and processing including text boxes, columns, inset padding, text threading
  • Learn how to place images, work with frames, add strokes, corner radius options, and text wrapping
  • Create and modify Master/Parent pages, pagination, placeholders
  • Understanding typography principles including leading, tracking, kerning and more.
  • Learn how to draw and edit shapes, and use color including color theory, strokes, fill and gradients, pen tool, direct selection tool
  • Exporting, packaging, PDF creation, zip files, ready for print
  • Working with layers, layer management, visibility, locking, color coding
  • Working with Styles: Paragraph styles, Character styles, Object styles, Nested styles
  • Creating a Table of Contents, creating Bookmarks, Cross-referencing
  • Working with hyperlinks and buttons and other interactive tools
  • Creating interactive Forms
  • Creating, editing and formatting Tables
  • Working with the Data Merge tools
  • Creating custom strokes


  • No InDesign or graphic design experience necessary


InDesign is such an amazing program and is used across industries and job roles!

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In this class, we cover everything you need to learn in InDesign. All levels, and all topics for all project types.

Here is a list of topics we cover in this class:

· The InDesign Workspace including understanding Panels and customizing

· Working with the Pages panel

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· Keyboard shortcuts

· Packaging and Preflight options

· Master/Parent Pages

· Understanding Margins, Bleeds, Slugs and Page settings

· Saving Presets

· Overview of InDesign Templates

· Drawing basic shapes

· Understanding Fill and Stroke

· Stroke color, width and style settings

· Color overview (CMYK, RGB, HSB, Hexadecimal)

· Creating Swatches

· Corner options

· Resizing, rotating and moving shapes

· Using the Properties Panel for Shapes

· Placing images

· Image placement options

· Image Frames

· Fitting options for images

· Using the Properties Panel for Images

· Autofit options for image resizing

· Stroke color, width and style settings

· Text wrapping

· Cloning images

· Cropping

· Creating Table of Contents

· Data Merge

· Buttons and Hyperlinks

· Creating Buttons

· Creating interactive Forms

· Object Effects including Drop Shadow, Glow, Feathering

· Object Transparency

· Intro to Object Styles

· Overview of Object Styles panel

· Overview of object settings

· Drop Shadow, Corner Options, Stroke, Columns, Text Wrapping

· Creating an Object Style

· Applying an Object Style

· Overriding and updating Object Styles

· Using the Control Panel

· Using the Properties Panel

· Basic Formatting

· Overview of basic typographic settings (Kerning, Tracking, Leading)

· Paragraph properties settings

· Placing text from Word Document

· Bullets and Numbering

· Paragraph Margins

· Paragraph Rules

· Paragraph and Cell Style introduction

· Why do we use Paragraph Styles?

· Examples of Paragraph Styles

· Intro to Paragraph Style Panel

· Creating a Paragraph Style

· Applying a Paragraph Style

· Nesting a Paragraph Style inside an Text Object Style

· Managing Links

· Preflighting Documents for Printing

· Creating a Custom Preflight Profile

· Previewing Transparency

· Exporting PDF Files for Printing & Proofs

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to expand their skillset for word processing, graphic design and layout publishing
InDesign Essentials & Beyond - Beginning & Advance combined
Everything you need to know about InDesign. For all levels, all topics, all project types!
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