Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu

The “Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu” course teaches students how to install and configure a complete web server stack on an Ubuntu operating system. The course covers the installation of NGINX, PHP, MySQL, and SSL certificates, as well as the installation and configuration of WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems in use today.

The course provides step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring each component of the web server stack, ensuring that students have a comprehensive understanding of how each component works and how to configure them to work together. By the end of the course, students will have the skills and knowledge necessary to set up and manage a complete web server stack on Ubuntu, allowing them to host their own websites or work as a web server administrator.

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Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu Course Description

Hello and Welcome to our latest new course. We are glad you could join us on this exciting new learning expedition!

In this course, we are going to be exploring one of the most powerful Web Server technologies available. One that has grown in popularity exponentially since its release – Yes, we are talking about NGINX.

Whether you are an experienced web developer or new to the industry, you’ve likely heard of the age-old debate between Apache and NGINX. Which one is better, what should you use? This course offers a great introduction into NGINX. We will be covering several important topics, such as:

  • Understanding the difference between Apache & NGINX
  • Installing NGINX on a Digital Ocean Droplet or any Virtual Server of your choice.
  • Modifying the NGINX Block Configuration file for hosting Websites
  • Installing essential components on NGINX such as MySQL, PHP & PhpMyAdmin
  • Securing PhpMyAdmin using symbolic links and NGINX’s built in authentication gateway.
  • Securing your hosted websites with free SSL using Certbot & Let’s Encrypt
  • Installing and Configuring WordPress on your NGINX Server

We will be using Digital Ocean droplets for this course, but you can create a virtual server with any cloud hosting provider of your choice. The configuration steps would be the same, regardless of who you host with. Also, we will be using the latest LTS version of Ubuntu (18.04).

So, if you are ready to dive back into another course and learn a variety of new concepts, hit the sign-up button!

Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu
Learn to Install & Configure NGINX on Ubuntu 18.04. Includes MySQL, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, WordPress & SSL Integration.
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