Introduction to Apache Tomcat – Deploy Oracle APEX (2022)

Introduction to Apache Tomcat – Deploy Oracle APEX (2022)

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the architecture of Apache Tomcat
  • Learn about the directory structure of Apache Tomcat
  • Configure Apache Tomcat depending on the requirements
  • Able to understand the APEX-ORDS-Tomcat connection
  • Get knowledge about SYS DBA role in Oracle Database
  • Understand the interface of Apache Tomcat manager app
  • Understand the role of ORDS in Apache Tomcat
  • Deployment of Oracle APEX app in Apache Tomcat server


  • A standard web browser like Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Opera / Edge / Safari
  • Modern web app architecture
  • Command-line text editors (Any platform like Windows/Mac/Linux where you are comfortable)
  • Oracle Database and Oracle APEX (preferable)


This is a practical course about deploying Oracle APEX application in Apache Tomcat Server from your local machine.

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This course guides you through the basics of Apache Tomcat covering its architecture and its MVC Design.

Apache Tomcat, being a Java based application requires Java to be installed in your local and you will be learning how to setup Java so as to start the server without any issues.

The setup process will be smooth as Apache Tomcat is a light weight application.

You will learn how to configure it based on the needs of your project.

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This configuration will also leads you to learn the directory structure of Apache Tomcat.

With Tomcat being installed, you will learn the connection between APEX-ORDS-Tomcat.

You will get to know the system requirements for installing Oracle APEX.

You will learn the installation process of Oracle Database, APEX and ORDS in your local machine.

The installation will help you to know the role of ORDS and which is necessary for deployment in Apache Tomcat.

You will learn how Apache Tomcat is loading its existing and sample apps.

Finally you will be able to deploy any Oracle APEX application in Apache Tomcat with ease.

And you will be exploring new topics in Apache Tomcat like Web Encryption.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers/Engineers looking to understand the Oracle APEX deployment process in Apache Tomcat
Introduction to Apache Tomcat - Deploy Oracle APEX (2022)
Learn the basics of Apache Tomcat. Install the necessities to deploy Oracle APEX application in Web Server.
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