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Introduction to object oriented programing

Introduction to object oriented programing

What you’ll learn

  • Data types, operators, control statements, loops, break and continue
  • Arrays, methods, String manipulation, recursive methods
  • classes, objects, using objects, constructors, getters, setters, to string method,
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract Classes, Interfaces.
  • Exception handling, Open/read/write files, GUIs
  • writing and using simple data structures, array lists
  • learning how to think, research and plan out projects as a programmer
  • in later lectures, working with more advances data structures (binary search trees, hash tables)
  • in later lectures, sorting algorithms


  • No programming experience needed.


This course is designed for beginner-level programmers who want to learn object-oriented programming. the course will cover all topics of introduction to programming I and introduction to programming II usually taught in university. The course will also cover writing simple data structures and sorting algorithms. In future lectures, we will introduce more advanced data structures, such as binary search trees and hashing tables. The objective of this video series is to give aspiring programmers all the necessary tools to kick start their learning journey. We will cover not only how to write code, but also the inner workings of the machines on which we code in order to prepare students for success in the field.

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the teaching method used for this video series is a learn by example approach. we first cover the topic at hand, we will then write some code for visualization purposes, and finally assign students mini projects for them to work on solo. After the students complete the project, we will cover the solutions together.

when the lecture portion of this course is complete, we will then work on larger projects together in order to cement the programming process and ensure students learn how to think like a programmer instead of just writing code.

list of topics:

hello world program.

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the programming process.

data types.

mathematical operators.

comparison operators.

Logical operators.

control statements (if / else if / else, switch).

Loops (for, while)

break, continue, return.



String manipulation.

Recursive methods.


class anatomy and utility.


abstracts classes.

abstract methods.



Exception handling.



Read / Write to txt files.

end of semester project (city database).

planned future lectures:

sorting algorithm.

using data Structures (in city database project).

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner level programmers who would like to fast track through introductory courses
  • second year programmers who need to refresh their memory on topics covered during their first two semesters
Introduction to object oriented programing
java programming and the eclipse IDE.
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