Introduction To Swedish Body Massage

What you’ll learn

  • Understand why the theoretical lessons are important before seeking to go straight into practical
  • Be able to deduce if (based on client consultation) a client is fit for therapy and if so, make recommendations based off desired effect and observation
  • Understand the massage techniques and movements and know where to apply them best for optimum benefits and effects
  • Be able to give advice to the clients post the treatment so as to elongate the massage treatment benefits and allow the body to heal efficiently


  • It is made for beginner students thus open for ALL levels, even intermediate students seeking to recall the basics


This course is aimed at assisting you on your journey to become a massage therapist. If you don’t know where to start, this IS FOR YOU. You will learn all the theory you need before you can begin your practical lessons. As a student of Body massage, I was perplexed when I enrolled in school and was taught massage theory. I thought I was simply going to be taught practical lessons but after my lessons, i understood why learning the theory was essential before we explored practical lessons.

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You will learn the different types of movements, techniques, equipment needed and also the things you need to take into consideration such as clients body type, effective massage and more. This class will set you as beginners at an advantage as were many learn the practical without knowledge of the human body, you will be able to incorporate such knowledge for an effective class.

I am willing to assist you post class and address any enquiries you have from your experiences in the practical assignment/project or any other related massage enquiry I may assist with.

What more is there to say, the only thing left is to say:  See you in class 🙂

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Who this course is for:

  • Everyone interested in learning about massage
  • It teach Swedish as it is the standard massage that all therapists must know before seeking to diversify
Introduction To Swedish Body Massage
Basics To Massage
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