Java Web Services & Angular – Dynamic Web development

What you’ll learn

  • Build Java web services
  • Understand and work with MySql
  • Display dynamic web content
  • Build dynamic web services
  • Understand the Frameworks Spring and Springboot


  • Computer
  • Internet


Are you interrested in Dynamic web applications or do you just want to learn how to develop powerful Java web services? Then this course is all you need! Popular web applications like Facebook, Amazon and Netflix all rely on web services to display their content dynamically to different users, so it’s crucial for any web developer to understand the concepts of how web services work. In this course the focus is set on RESTful Java web services developed using Spring and Spring boot.

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers
  • Java developers
  • programmers
  • Back-end developers
Java Web Services & Angular - Dynamic Web development
Learn to build, design and create Java web services using JPA to display dynamic web content
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