Learn Infra as Code with Azure Bicep

Learn Infra as Code with Azure Bicep

What you’ll learn

  • The fundamentals for writing Azure Bicep templates
  • Best practices for editing Azure Bicep
  • Deploy Azure Bicep using DevOps Pipelines
  • Scanning Azure Bicep templates
  • Managing DEV/TEST/PROD environments


  • Beginner level on Microsoft Azure cloud


Authored by a Cloud and DevOps engineer, this course will walk you from zero to hero. It explains the concepts related to Infra as Code. It focuses on Azure Cloud platform with all the ecosystem around. The course starts with simple tasks like creating a simple Bicep template, compiling a an ARM JSON template into Bicep and vice versa. Then it evolves to create more advanced templates using variables, different environments (Dev/Test/Prod) until creating modules and registries. It also shows how to automate the deployment of these templates using DevOps pipelines in both Azure DevOps and Github Actions. The author shares his experience working on these kind of deployments every day. At the end of the course, he makes a comparison between Bicep and other OSS famous tools like Terraform.
If you are beginner and willing to learn cloud deployment automation with Azure, then this course is for you. And if you have some experience, then check the course content videos, chances are high you will discover some new tools or concepts.

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All the scripts, templates and application code used in this course are available on a public Github repository. They are being updated regularly by the author. So you can fork/clone it and make it yours.

Who this course is for:

  • DevOps engineer willing to use Infrastructure as Code into the pipelines
  • Team leader willing to automate the deployment of applications into Azure
  • Cloud admin looking for automation the right way
Learn Infra as Code with Azure Bicep
All you need to know to be successful with Cloud Automation and Cloud DevOps.
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