Learn jQuery – For Beginners

Learn jQuery - For Beginners

The “Learn jQuery – For Beginners” course is designed to teach the fundamentals of jQuery, a popular JavaScript library used for web development. This course is ideal for beginners who have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and want to enhance their front-end development skills.

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The course covers the basics of jQuery, including selecting and manipulating elements, event handling, animations, and AJAX requests. By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of how to use jQuery to create interactive and dynamic web pages.

The course is presented in a clear and concise manner, with step-by-step instructions and practical examples to help students apply what they learn.

Learn jQuery – For Beginners Course Description

Course: Learn jQuery – For Beginners
Learn to create animated, interactive web pages using jQuery Library

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Take your web development skills to new heights by using jQuery to create animated, interactive web page components using this powerful JavaScript Library.

We begin with the fundamental concepts such as embedding jQuery into documents and basic syntax. We then progress into working with Events, Event handlers, animations, fading, sliding, toggling, hiding and much more. Students will also learn to effectively use Callback functions and chaining methods.

Through a series of hands-on exercises students will create draggable layers, accordion menus and fully animated web interfaces. Many other jQuery attributes, filters and classes are also explored.

What you’ll learn – Overview:

  • Embedding jQuery
  • jQuery Syntax, Selector, Class, ID
  • jQuery Events
  • jQuery Mouse Effects
  • jQuery Event Handlers
  • jQuery Animations
  • jQuery Callback and Chaining Functions
  • jQuery Queue Functions
  • jQuery Append & Prepend
  • jQuery Toggle Class

Key Concepts:

  • Intro to jQuery
  • Embedding jQuery
  • jQuery Syntax and Selector Intro
  • jQuery ID Selector
  • jQuery Class Selector
  • jQuery Other Selectors
  • External jQuery File
  • jQuery Events Intro
  • jQuery Events – mouseenter and mouseleave
  • jQuery Events – mousedown and mouseup
  • jQuery Multiple Event Handlers
  • jQuery Hiding-Showing
  • jQuery Toggle
  • jQuery Fade In-Out
  • jQuery Fade Toggle
  • jQuery Fade To
  • jQuery Slide Down
  • jQuery Slide Up
  • jQuery Slide Toggle
  • jQuery Animate
  • jQuery Animate – Multiple Params
  • jQuery Animate – Relative Values
  • jQuery Animate – Queue Functionality
  • jQuery Stop Method
  • jQuery Callback Functions
  • jQuery Chaining
  • jQuery Draggables
  • jQuery Accordian Menu
  • jQuery Get Content – text and html
  • jQuery Get Content – Val
  • jQuery Get Content – attr
  • jQuery Set Content – text – html – val
  • jQuery Set Attributes – attr
  • jQuery Append and Preprend
  • jQuery – After and Before
  • jQuery Remove and Empty
  • jQuery Filter Remove
  • jQuery Add Class
  • jQuery Remove Class
  • jQuery Toggle Class
Learn jQuery - For Beginners
Learn to create animated, interactive web pages using jQuery Library
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