Learn Python from a University Professor

What you’ll learn

  • Write simple Python programs that read from the keyboard and write text into a console
  • Write more complex programs with conditional execution and repetition structures
  • Improve code reusability through the use of functions and recursion
  • Improve code efficiency through the choice of ppropriate data structures (tuples, lists, dictionaries)
  • Apply the principles of object-oriented programming


  • This course requires no background or programming experience. It is an interactive, hands-on, and self-contained course.


This course serves as an introduction to Python programming (no previous background needed). Whether you’re a high school student ahead of the game, a college student in search of additional support, a recent graduate preparing for a technical interview, an active professional seeking to expand your skill set, or just an amateur techie, this course is your ideal first exposure to the world of Python programming.

In this course, I’ve selected the most relevant topics to quickly get you started with Python. We’ll start with the basics: interaction with the user, arithmetic computations, conditional execution, loops, and functions. And we’ll also delve into more advanced topics: lists, tuples, dictionaries, file operations, and object-oriented programming. But most importantly: I’ll help you develop a programmer mindset by training your algorithmic thinking – an essential still that will help you quickly learn new programming languages in the future if you need to.

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In most lessons of this course, I’ll be proposing interactive programming exercises, where I’ll ask you to pause the video and work on it, as I later guide through a step-by-step solution. You’ll work with a web-based code editor, where you’ll be able to write and test your programs, without installing any third-party software in your system; all you need is your web browser.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginnger tech enthusiasts curious about the world of computer programming
Learn Python from a University Professor
Prof. Rafael Ubal brings his methods and tools from his 10+ years of experience teaching in prestigious universities.
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