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Learn Python from Scratch

Learn Python from Scratch

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Python, Arithmetic Operations, Concatenation, Boolean Condition,
  • Comparison Operators, Logical Operators
  • String, String methods
  • Lists, List of numbers, List of strings, List methods, two-dimensional list
  • Tuple, positive indexing and negative indexing of tuples, slicing of tuples
  • Indexing, indexing of number, indexing of string, positive indexing and negative indexing
  • Function, assigning input function, data type conversion
  • if statement, if-else statement, if-elif-else statement, nested statement
  • for loop, while loop, nested loop
  • Indentation: Global scope & Local scope indentations
  • Factorial, Range functions
  • Dictionaries: Nested dictionaries, applications of dictionary
  • Exception Handling and its applications
  • Regular expression: Matching & Extraction, Fine-tuning extraction, greedy and non greedy extraction, parsing and escaping


  • Basic computer skill


Learn Python from scratch, the course includes video explanation with introductions(basics) and plenty of solved programs. Some daily life applications have been solved by using the Python language. Downloadable files of Python codes have been attached to all the lectures. The lectures are appealing, fancy and fast. They take less time to walk you through the whole content. Each and every topic has been taught extensively in depth to cover all the possible areas starting from a simple program to a complex one to understand the concept in most possible easy way. It’s highly recommended for the students who don’t know the fundamental of Python language studying at college and university level.

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The objective of this course is to explain the Python programming language in a very simple way that is easy to understand. I strive for simplicity and accuracy with every definition, code I publish. All the codes have been conducted through colab which is an online editor. Python remains a popular choice among numerous companies and organization. Python has a reputation as a beginner-friendly language, replacing Java as the most widely used introductory language because it handles much of the complexity for the user, allowing beginners to focus on fully grasping programming concepts rather than minute details.

Below is the list of topics that have been covered:

  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Arithmetic Operations
  3. Boolean Conditions
  4. Concatenation
  5. Comparison Operators
  6. Logical Operators
  7. Indentation
  8. Strings
  9. List
  10. 2-D List
  11. Tuples
  12. Dictionaries
  13. Nested dictionaries
  14. Indexing
  15. Functions
  16. Def or defined functions
  17. if statement
  18. if-else statement
  19. if-elif-else statement
  20. Nested statement
  21. for loops
  22. while loops
  23. Nested loops
  24. Range Functions
  25. Factorial
  26. Exception Handling
  27. Regular Expressions

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python developers
Learn Python from Scratch
Python course for beginners[20 hrs], start from basics and then plenty of programs for practice to cement the concept
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