Login and Registration System with Email Verification in PHP

Login and Registration System with Email Verification in PHP

The “Login and Registration System with Email Verification in PHP” course is a comprehensive guide to building a secure and reliable user authentication system using PHP. The course covers essential topics such as user registration, email verification, login functionality, password reset, and user account management.

Students will learn how to implement these features using PHP, MySQL, and SMTP protocols. The course provides a step-by-step tutorial that takes students through the entire process of building a functional login and registration system from scratch.

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By the end of the course, students will have gained practical knowledge in PHP programming and will be able to create a professional-grade login and registration system that is scalable and easy to maintain.

Login and Registration System with Email Verification in PHP Course Description

This Course is all about learn how to Create Secure and standard Login and Registration system with Email Vefification in PHP and Mysqli using OOP.

  • We’ll gonna cover all parts in details.
  • We’ll be using PHP as a programming language and MySqli for Database, both are pretty popular and easy to use.
  • We’ll gonna be learning the step by step process to make secure login and validation and authentication.
  • We’ll take a fast, rapid, and reliable process to build this system, rather than using long not effective and useless system with tons of lectures and useless knowledge.
  • We’ll learn PHP and MySqli in complete details, from basic syntax to all the advanced functions and resources in it.
  • We’ll also cover OOP approachin it.
  • After this Course you’ll understand how to do Programming in able to create your Login and Registration System, you’ll have complete knowledge of PHP and MySqli functions and procedure.
  • You’ll understand each concept of of system using OOP and able to apply it.
  • You’ll learn modern layout design using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4.

If you’re Interested to become Good Programmer and grow in IT field then get into this course without hesitation and you’ll gonna love it.

Login and Registration System with Email Verification in PHP
Create Secure Login & Registration System with Email verification, login through FB & Google using PHP & MySQLi OOP
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