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Mindfulness Meditation Retreat – Reset Your Mind & Body

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat - Reset Your Mind & Body

What you’ll learn

  • Affirmations
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Self-love Vinyasa Yoga Flow
  • Ecstatic Dance/Movement Therapy
  • Guided Journaling
  • Cosmic Breathwork
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra Meditation
  • Sound Healing Therapy/Gong Bath
  • Mindfulness Lifehacks
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Gratitude Practice


  • This course is designed for any level of experience


In a fast-paced and constantly changing world, finding your inner peace and balance is essential to your mental and physical well-being. Our online retreat offers a unique opportunity to step back and get in touch with yourself at your home. 

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You don’t need to travel to the far ends of the world to find what you’re looking for. All the answers lie within. Travel inward.

Learning yourself and healing is a journey and an inside job, but it can still be exciting. This online retreat will break any stereotypes that meditations are boring! Try mindfulness and movement classes we carefully curated for you and see which one is your favorite!

Engage your body, mind, spirit, and senses for a transformational experience during this exclusive all-in-one guided online wellness program. Tap into your divine self with 8 self-discovering techniques from different cultures and eras with 6 experienced coaches. This online retreat is a completely new way of awakening your inner nature. Take time to make your soul happy!

This retreat is for you if you need to:

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  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Renew your mind, body, and soul
  • Relax and unwind
  • Release stress and negative emotions
  • Heal and overcome trauma
  • Reset your life
  • Raise your vibrations
  • Find clarity
  • Take a look at your life from different angle
  • Reparent your inner child

Who this course is for:

  • Yoga and meditation lovers, seekers, energy healers, coaches, anyone who is curious
Mindfulness Meditation Retreat - Reset Your Mind & Body
Guided Meditations, Breathwork, Yoga, Guided Journaling, Dance Therapy, Sound Healing, Affirmations, Mantras, Yoga Nidra
$0 $64.99

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