Minimal Web API Fundamentals in .NET 6/7

Minimal Web API Fundamentals in .NET 6/7

Minimal Web API is a new feature introduced in .NET 6/7 that allows developers to create lightweight and efficient HTTP APIs with minimal configuration and ceremony. It is designed to be simple and easy to use, while still providing all the necessary features for building modern web applications.

Minimal Web API is built on top of ASP.NET Core and supports all the same features, such as dependency injection, middleware, and routing. However, it eliminates the need for controllers and actions, instead using a functional approach that makes it easy to define routes and handle requests with simple C# functions.

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This approach makes it faster and more efficient than traditional controllers, while also reducing the amount of boilerplate code required for building APIs.

Minimal Web API Fundamentals in .NET 6/7 Course Description

Using Web APIs, you can write code to expose just what you want to the outside world. Traditionally you used MVC with controllers to create Web APIs. Starting with .NET 6, Microsoft released a new method for creating Web APIs called the Minimal Web API. This new approach is simpler than MVC. In this course you learn how to use these minimal calls and how best to architect them to provide scalability and ease of maintenance. Even if you have never created a Minimal Web API before, this course guides you step-by-step through the entire process.

In this course you are provided with an overview of the new Minimal Web APIs paradigm. You build a Minimal Web API project and learn to consume Web APIs using Postman and Swagger. You learn the standard methods for getting, inserting, updating, and deleting data. You build a set of CRUD APIs to allow a developer to interact with your database. You then build a set of classes that make working with minimal APIs much simpler. You are going to see how to call your APIs via JavaScript/jQuery and how CORS is added to allow cross-domain access. You learn the basics of securing your minimal Web APIs. You also learn to use the Entity Framework to communicate to a database, and even perform asynchronous Web APIs.

All the demos you are shown during this course are backed up with a set of labs for you to perform. Walking through these labs step-by-step ensures that you understand the concepts illustrated in each lesson. You are going to see approximately 90 demos, be asked over 65 questions, and perform over 75 hands-on labs.

Join Paul D. Sheriff, one of the best instructors in the industry, on your journey to becoming a C# Web API developer using the Minimal Web API.

Minimal Web API Fundamentals in .NET 6/7
Learn Minimal Web API with Visual Studio, Security, CRUD, CORS, Swagger and Reusability are all covered in this course.
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