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MySQL Beginner to Pro 2021 – Complete Live Workshop

MySQL Beginner to Pro 2021 - Complete Live Workshop


MySQL Beginner to Pro 2021 – Complete Live Workshop‘ Course is aimed for absolute beginners. The session is 100% practical. The videos in the course are recorded from a LIVE WORKSHOP, I took recently.

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The original workshop had over 200 students actively participating in the live sessions and interactive, thereby asking many relevant doubts during the session. All the doubts are answered clearly in the videos.

The course is slow paced and is explained to the best of my abilities. The course also contains doubt clearances during the session itself. The course covers all the important topics that are needed to become a MySQL Programmer. The first section gives a clear explanation about a Database and the types of Databases.

The primary aim of learning MySQL is understood thus making it easier for the students to learn the underlying concepts easily. The next section explains the various DDL and DML commands that are available in MySQL.

The following section explains the very important SELECT statement along with clauses like WHEREINLIKEBETWEENLIMIT and ORDER BY. Also, I am actively available to answer all your doubts regarding the course. Feel free to ask your doubts in  the Comments section and I’ll make sure to answer them within a day or two.

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginner MySQL programmers curious about Data Analytics and Data Handling
MySQL Beginner to Pro 2021 - Complete Live Workshop
A Complete Guide to MySQL for absolute Beginners and be Interview Ready!
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