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[NEW] AWS Solutions Architect Associate practice test 2022

[NEW] AWS Solutions Architect Associate practice test 2022


This Ultimate Exam Training for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate has just been 100% updated with BRAND NEW content! You’ll have everything you need to pass the latest version of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02 exam.

These AWS Solutions Architect practice exams are designed to focus on the important exam topics (such as EC2, EBS, S3, and many others) hence, the aforementioned topics have more questions than the other AWS knowledge areas. The number of questions on each topic is carefully selected based on the 4 domains of the actual AWS certification exam.

Some people are using brain dumps or exam dumps for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam which is totally absurd and highly unprofessional because these dumps will not only hinder you to attain an in-depth AWS knowledge, these can also result with you failing the actual AWS certification exam since Amazon regularly updates the exam coverage.


We designed our course to make sure that you’re able to Pass Your AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam in Your First Attempt with confidence. This means that each one of the 6 practice exams will test your ability in the following key concepts which are important for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate:

Domain 1: Design Resilient Architectures

1.1 Design a multi-tier architecture solution

1.2 Design highly available and/or fault-tolerant architectures

1.3 Design decoupling mechanisms using AWS services

1.4 Choose appropriate resilient storage

Domain 2: Design High-Performing Architectures

2.1 Identify elastic and scalable compute solutions for a workload

2.2 Select high-performing and scalable storage solutions for a workload

2.3 Select high-performing networking solutions for a workload

2.4 Choose high-performing database solutions for a workload

Domain 3: Design Secure Applications and Architectures

3.1 Design secure access to AWS resources

3.2 Design secure application tiers

3.3 Select appropriate data security options

Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures

4.1 Identify cost-effective storage solutions

4.2 Identify cost-effective compute and database services

4.3 Design cost-optimized network architectures

Who this course is for:

  • Solutions Architects who want to know how to leverage all AWS services for their solution architecture
[NEW] AWS Solutions Architect Associate practice test 2022
Pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification SAA-C02!
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