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On-line course: Neonatal massage

On-line course: Neonatal massage

What you’ll learn

  • 1. Learn the importance of massage for the newborn;
  • 2. Benefits of neonatal massage;
  • 3. When to perform this type of massage;
  • 4. Where to massage the baby;
  • 5. Lights, music, temperature, oils, and everything you need to be able to approach this type of massage;
  • 6. How to get the baby used to the massage maneuvers;
  • 7. To meet the needs of the child;
  • 8. Different maneuvers according to the different areas of the child;
  • 9. The best positions in which to comfortably massage the baby;
  • 10. The importance of the “word” during the neonatal massage;
  • 11. The immediate and future effects of the massage on the baby.


  • No prerequisite is necessary, it is very important to have a passion for massages and a little common sense in approaching newborns.


  • But is it really possible to massage a newborn from the very first days of life?
  • What are the benefits of this type of massage to a newborn?
  • Who can perform this type of massage on a newborn?

You will find answers to these and many other questions in my course.

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Massaging a newborn is certainly not an invention of recent years, but a practice that has been used for many centuries.

Only in recent years has it been revalued and re-evaluated for the beneficial effects it brings to the newborn both in the immediate and in the future of the same child.

I will explain in detail when to have this massage, the times , the place , the music , the oils , and everything you need to have at hand during the massage.

This course is intended both for parents who want to test themselves by strengthening their relationship with children, and for family members such as grandparents, uncles, brothers who have a baby in the house and a great desire to pamper him. At the same time it is aimed at novice masseurs and experienced masseurs. Among the recipients interested in the first person are the teachers of kindergartens and nursery schools who understand well the value and importance of touch and contact with the baby as a calming agent.

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We will see together all the benefits that this type of massage brings.

I will explain in detail the individual maneuvers that can be carried out on the individual areas of the baby and the order in which I will explain the maneuvers is an order that I recommend to follow especially for the first times you perform this type of massage, subsequently and once if you have become an expert you can change, alternate, reverse both the maneuvers and the areas to be massaged according to the needs of the masseur and the child.

This course consists of a¬†theoretical part¬†that I advise you to follow very carefully because it represents the foundations of the entire path, and a¬†practical part¬†in which I did not take a doll as a ‘model’ but a little girl, Francesca of only 20 days of age.

If I have tickled your curiosity and you want to get involved with this very particular type of massage, I am waiting for you in my virtual class.


Who this course is for:

  • Parents;¬†Teachers;¬†Passionate about massage therapy;¬†Experienced and novice masseurs;¬†OPI (childcare workers).
On-line course: Neonatal massage
Massage the newborn from the first days of birth
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