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Operating System: Understanding the core

Operating System: Understanding the core

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what is an Operating Systems
  • Understand how Operating Systems work
  • Understand how CPU , Memory and Disk work together


  • No prerequisites or requirements, you can get started now
  • If you are curious and what to know more about operating system


This course is for complete beginners. In this course, we are going to look at the concepts of Operating System basics. This course is designed for a better understanding of basic concepts of Operating systems for people who do not have much idea about the operating systems.

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In our daily lives, we interact with various smart devices like Smartphones, computers, ATMs, Car Music Systems. More and more devices are becoming digital by day and all these different devices have some or other sort of Operating system in them.

We interact with these devices every day and continuously. The curiosity of knowing “How they interact in the back-end?” must have brought you here.

What you will learn:

  • Become familiar with the basic concepts of Operating Systems
  • Knowing about different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Mobile, Open-Source.
  • How the Operating system has evolved into what it is today: History and Evolution of the Operating system.
  • How Operating Systems works
  • A high-level look at Architecture Operating System Architecture
  • How a process is created
  • Understanding the consept CPU scheduling happens in Operating Systems
  • Storage Devices and File System
  • View the Digital world in a different dimensionThis course describes all the challenges computer architects faced and are still facing in an attempt to make computers more power-efficient and high-performing than ever. And a look on future Technologies that are being developed and will shape the future.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone curious about operating systems
  • The Operating System: Understanding the core Fundamentals course is for the absolute beginner
  • You want a high-level understanding of how operating systems work
Operating System: Understanding the core
Operating System: A beginners Guide to core of Operating System, Understanding the basics of OS, Process, Scheduling etc
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